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‘Fortnite’ Season Five – Worlds Will Collide and We’ll Love it

written by Logan Brklacic July 12, 2018
Fortnite Season Five teaser image showing a viking style ax with Celtic designs. The ax looks like it is striking glass and causing a crack to appear and stretch across the image

Fortnite Season Five has had the rumors flying about for weeks now. Ever since the rocket launch and the mysterious cracks in the sky growing, players have been trying to figure out what it all means for the new season. Players have come to the conclusion that season five will have a time-travel theme, and that the rifts in the sky is a portal in the past. Season five starts following the end of season four and server downtime on July 12, 2018.

With Fortnite‘s season four coming to a close, we can look back at all the fun things it brought us. New guns, shield mushrooms, healthy apples, hop rocks, new locations, and a boat-load of new cosmetic items. With the rocket launch that rocked the battle royale island and the giant rift in the sky, small rifts have been “removing” signs from all around the map. In fact, they have been warping them out into the real world. The burger that sat atop Greasy Grove’s Durr Burger was found in California, in a desert. Also on Monday July 9, people were posting on Reddit the sudden appearances of loot llamas all around Europe. While this was happening out of game, in-game new historically themed items were popping up all over battle royale island. Rifts have been randomly appearing placing things like a stagecoach, a Penny Fathing bike (those weird old-timey bikes with the giant front wheel) and an ancient Greek anchor.

What does all this mean for Fortnite season five? Who knows! Epic has teased that big changes are coming, but have not given a solid answer as to what they are. Some teaser promotional images Epic has released depict a Kitsune mask, and a viking axe with Celtic designs on it. Could these be referencing new skins or new pickaxes? Another promotional image for Fortnite season five reads “Worlds Collide”. Again this raises suspicions, but could it be talking about the real world colliding with the battle royale world?

A loot llama from Fortnite in a phone booth in England to promote Fortnite Season Five

Loot Llama in an English phone booth to promote Fortnite Season Five

But don’t lose your shirt over it! The new season will have loads upon loads of new items to unlock, but no idea what they could be, or the theme they would follow. No price for the new Battle Pass has been announced for Fortnite season five, but we could probably guess that it will be the same price as the last two battle passes at 950 V-bucks. With the new battle pass will come new challenges week after week. I do hope some are not tied to account level, as my Carbide looks a little wonky not having full armor, but it isn’t like I tried very hard to be honest.

Fortnite season five will also bring a change to the Save the World mode. New content will be available to be played by non-battle royalers with the new patch coming July 12. Epic has said that the new Canny Valley missions will answer some existing lingering questions about Dr. Vinderman and some other characters. While Save the World is still something you have to pay for to play, Epic does plan for it to eventually be free to play for everyone.

The patch for season five will be a big one, so make sure you give yourself time to download it. Are you excited for Fortnite season five? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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