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Watch This! Netflix Trailer for ‘Extinction’ Looks Killer!

written by Liz July 13, 2018
Extinction's Michael Pena in Ant-Man

Netflix has been pretty on the ball when it comes their original works. Stranger Things has been a massive hit. 13 Reasons Why brought a great number of social and mental health issues to mainstream conversation (their handling of it is debatable, but the conversation definitely started). Extinction, Netflix upcoming sci-fi thriller, looks like it is going to be another winner.

Michael Peña has been having nightmares. Nightmares where everyone around him is dying, buildings are exploding, and it looks like the world is ending. In what appears to be the worst case of céjà vu, when aliens hit the atmosphere, everything he had been dreaming begins coming true.

Peña has most recently been Red in A Wrinkle in Time and Luis, a fan favorite, in Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Peña isn’t the only Marvel alumni in the upcoming movie. Mike Colter, Luke Cage himself, is in this as well. Lizzy Caplan rounds out what appears to be the main cast as Alice, Peña’s character’s wife.

‘Extinction’ trailer breakdown.

I can’t deny I’m a little frustrated that they are running with the trope of, person seeing visions is prophetic. It’s not that it is a terrible trope, it can give the ‘good guys’ a fighting chance when they are vastly outnumbered and outgunned, but I just hope it gets explained as something other than, ‘the chosen one’. Though it looks like they might have an explanation for that in mind.

Colter’s character knew about this. Whether he is some kind of military operative, or part of  some hyper-active SETI off-shoot isn’t touched on. That statement ‘What’s happening out there, has been headed our way for a very long time”, seems more like a man facing an inevitable that he knew about as opposed to a man who is trying to cope with a surprise.

It appears the two work together in a place that has some connection to technology. (There’s a lot of white and glass, that means high-tech, right?)  It looks a little bit like he is working in some sort of wind tunnel, so it is possible that they work with aeronautics. Has the company been tracking these beings? Have they been rounding up people who are complaining about ‘nightmare’ and  ‘alien invasion’ dreams to study them?

The final piece that I’m curious about is these aliens are all human shaped. They are wearing ‘human-esque’ type space suit, complete with reinforcements at joints, and the same kind of bubble-head sci-fi feel we always use for ourselves. That isn’t unusual in sci-fi. It would be interesting if these weren’t some terrible alien threat, but humans from a different version of space/time coming to our universe to stop us from doing something ridiculously stupid.

Netflix’s Extinction will be hitting the streaming service on July 27. Are you going to watch it?

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