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Don't Hate the Geek Twitch

Watch the official Don’t Hate the Geek Twitch channel! Our team of geeks is here to play your favorite games, as well as some hidden gems you’ve never heard of. Join CynicRelief, Sykosia, and Biscuitduff as they stream 4 days a week (see our schedule).

We decided we wanted to start our own Twitch channel after seeing how much fun other streamers were having. We got the microphones, found some cool overlays for streaming and set up our account. Our streamers are passionate about gaming, without taking anything (including themselves) too seriously! Jump into chat and let everyone know what you think!

Don’t Hate the Geek Twitch Schedule


Multiplayer Monday
Multiplayer games: Forest, Starbound, PUBG, MOBAs, Overwatch, ESO, PoE, Diablo 3, Don’t Starve Together

Bed Wetter Wednesday
Horror games: Outlast, Resident Evil, Alien Isolation, Amnesia, SOMA, Evil Within, Dead Space, Call of Cthulhu, Dying Light, FEAR

Artsy Thursday
Modeling, animation, texturing, drawing. Anything to do with art, almost tutorialized, but showing people how you create art.

Saturday Shmaturday
Whatever game we’re feelin!

The Rules

  1. Don’t hate the geek!
  2. See rule #1!
  3. Do not bully, insult, or personally attack streamers or other viewers
  4. No racism or discrimination against anyone EVER
  5. Do not self-promote your twitch channel or social media accounts
  6. Do not disrespect a mod. Ask questions nicely via whisper, not chat.
  7. Have fun, interact, be positive, and hang out with your fellow geeks!

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Don’t Hate the Geek


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