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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m A KidCon Kid!

written by Quinzel Lee July 17, 2018
KidCon logo for 2018

Recently, childhoods everywhere went through the doors of Toys R Us to die. But with KidCon happening at the end of this year, it will be revived again.

KidCon is going to take place December 7-8, 2018 in the windy city of Chicago. The convention is described on their website as “…the ultimate event for kids and families. Designed for kids, and kids at heart, we take our toys and games seriously. During the event, attendees will be able to shop, learn and play at our unforgettable Chicago event.”

So do you need to be a kid to attend this event? Only a kid at heart.

In the past, they’ve had over 5,000 people attend this convention, adults and kids alike. In fact, they even have all children register (including the Free Admission ticketed children) just to keep an accurate count of how many children attend.

With the recent closure of Toy R Us, our childlike spirits really have nowhere else to go. But this con promises to have awesome things planned for ages 0 to 100. For the kids, they even have different Kid Zones. The best part? None of these zones are divided by “girls” or “boys.” Have a little girl who is into sports? She will be more than welcome to go play in the Sports Zone. Below is a description of each of the Kids Zones:

  • Crawlers and Toddlers – Crawlers and toddlers unite! This zone is going to feature products that are for our youngest attendees. No small parts here, just good ole toys that educate, inspire and have little ones dazzling in amazement. Whether you want to be a captain or a dancer, this area will feature toys that let kids explore all of their fantasies.
  • Anarchy in the Pre-K – What do we want? TOYS! When do we want them? NOW! Make a picket sign, splatter paint and engage with other kids in an area that focuses on creative expression for preschool-aged attendees.
  • The Birds and Bees – There’s no need to dumb it down, but we don’t have to frighten our youth either. This zone is all about body positivity, learning about our anatomy and consent.
  • Music Madness Unleash your inner rock star and sing your heart out. If singing isn’t your jam, try your hand at air guitar or beat on some drums
  • Crafting Corner – All craft all the time. From sewing to painting and everything in between, this creative area let’s imagination take the lead.  Each attendee can work on a project and many can be taken home. This will be where our event art project will take place
  • Coding Corner – An interactive area for children to learn coding from the pros. From HTML to JavaScript to some coding lingo we don’t even know, this area is meant to inspire our attendees to think outside the box.
  • Sports Zone – Goal! Swoop! Swoosh! Whack! Our version of the best neighborhood park where kids can kick a soccer ball and dunk with athletes and programs from around the area.
  • Sensory Hour – Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need. This is a special time for attendees who require a bit of extra time to navigate the exhibitor hall.

child posing with pikachu at KidCon

It seems like KidCon is going to be a fun time. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment!

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