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Get ready! Is Marvel Comics Changing this Heroine?

written by Gary Hoy July 14, 2018
Marvel Comics Spider-Gwen background

This Fan Favorite Marvel Comics Heroine Might be Changing.

Spider-Man has plenty of interactions with other heroes who are just like him. Marvel Comics has created universe after universe where other versions of Peter Parker exist. There is even one where he’s a pig. Some years back though, after the success of a non-Parker Spider-Man in Miles Morales and Silk. Marvel decided to try something different with a familiar face.

What if Gwen Stacy received the bite instead of Peter? This led to the creation of a fan favorite being turned in a superheroine named Spider-Gwen. Marvel Entertainment seems to be shaking this character up even further now. As per Marvel Entertainment News.

Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, or Ghost Spider?

In her corner of the Universe, she is known as Spider-Woman, but the fans clearly know her as Spider-Gwen on the pages. It seems that Marvel Entertainment might be changing this though. An image of Spider-Gwen was shown one Marvel Entertainment with the text attached saying

Ghost Spider debuts

Marvel Comics Spider-Gwen into the Spider-verse Wallpaper

When fans see an image like this they immediately think of Spider-Gwen, but what does this news of Ghost Spider mean?

Is Marvel bringing Gwen to 616?

The release goes on to state that more news will be released at San Diego Comic-con next Friday. Although this is new and unfamiliar territory, there is a strong chance this will be done to bring Gwen to the main Marvel universe where a Spider-Woman already exists.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Marvel has destroyed an entire universe to create new and compelling character stories. They destroyed the Ultimate Universe and used it to bring Miles Morales to the 616 and Gwen has a huge fan following that will probably only get larger with her big screen debut Into the Spider-Verse animated movie (Voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) this December.

We’ll have to wait until Friday to see what all of this means, but whether it is a name change or a new run of comics, it seems Spider-Gwen is here to stay and her stories will continue whether in her universe or alongside the main heroes.

Are you excited by this news? Do you even read Spider-Gwen’s adventures? Do you think Marvel will put her in the 616 Universe? Let us know in the comments.

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