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Dragonball Super News: Broly Becomes Canon Again!

written by Gary Hoy July 14, 2018

A New Dragonball Super Movie Heading West.

Funimation Films has recently acquired the rights to a new theatrical release for Dragonball Super. Writer Akira Toriyama has penned a movie that features none other than a mainstay who graced multiple Dragonball Z movies and broke multiple bones in the process. Broly is seen previously as the legendary Super Saiyan character always discussed. Seen living through the genocide of the Saiyan race while just a baby and building a severe hatred for series protagonist Goku.

Following the Tournament of Power.

The movie is set to take place shortly after the Dragonball Super: Tournament of Power arc. The plan here is to revisit the hulking Super Saiyan and give his story more depth and add a new side to the character. It seems the character is a Toriyama favorite who is going to survive the Disney-like purge of extended universe villains becoming non-canon and ultimately disappointing fans.

Toriyama had very little to do with the creation of this Dragonball villain but, he has decided he will give his take on the character and make it a little bit better by his standards. The beast has taken down the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Gohan, without hardly breaking a sweat.

Dragonball Z Broly vs. Gohan and Trunks

Will his power be under control?

It has yet to be seen in any trailers, although there is the word that more will be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con. The question on most people’s minds is, “Will he be able to control his power?” Broly could very well be what the series needs to refresh the lineage of the Saiyan race. With Kale being the female equivalent of this monster, but slowly gaining control over her power during the Tournament of Power. There is a very strong chance that Broly will follow in her footsteps.

Will it tie into Dragonball Heroes?

With all the buzz focused around Dragonball Heroes, the anime, and a game where the Dragonball Universe has a multiverse. The likes of Goku Blue vs. Super Saiyan 4 Goku taking place in the 1st Episode. It’s possible that this will be a multiverse tie in with Broly, or perhaps it will be another villain being turned to Goku’s side to help with a bigger threat like the first Super Saiyan God. It’s difficult to say at this point with so little information.

We’ll let you know of anything new when it comes to light. My only hope is to see a Super Saiyan God Broly.

Are you excited for this new Broly news? Do you hope to see this beast turn blue? Let us know in the comments.

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