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DC Comics and Warner Bros. Fidget Spinners are Coming

written by Quinzel Lee May 14, 2017
batman logo fidget spinners

Forever Collectibles describes themselves as “leading marketer and manufacturer of collectibles, novelty, and promotional products servicing the sports and entertainment industries.” Now, the company has decided to put a new spin on Fidget Spinners. They are planning to release a new line of DC Comics and Warner Bros branded spinners.

The fidget spinners will include Batman, Superman, Tweety Bird, and Bugs Bunny. They will be available in stores in mid-June. So be on the lookout for that.

In case you haven’t heard the background story on fidget spinners, here is the scoop on them. They were invented by Catherine Hettinger who invented the spinners almost two decades before they became popular. Her motivation was to “distract young children and provide them with a soothing toy to play with.” The patent from the original product expired in 2005, so now markets can sell the spinners on their own. Hence the coming availability of the DC Comics and Warner Bros fidget spinners. Catherine is actually very excited about the popularity of a product that she invented back in the 1980s. “Maybe if it was some kind of exploitative product — like a new style of cigarettes — and my only motivation was to make money, I’d have a different attitude, but I am just thrilled.”

Fidget spinners have caught a bad rap. Originally intended to help people who have trouble focusing, it became a craze for those who simply use it as a toy. Fidget spinners have been banned in several schools and even a few work offices. School officials say it’s a huge classroom distraction. Most schools have not discussed how to allow students who use the fidget spinners for their intended to keep their spinners and separate those students who simply use it as a toy.

student playing with fidget spinner

What do you guys think? Will you try to snag a DC Comics or Warner Bros fidget spinner? Which character will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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