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First Footage of Blade Runner 2049 Finally Debuts (VIDEO)

written by Jordan Cobb December 19, 2016

One of the most revered films of all time is certainly Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic, Blade Runner. Based off of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, it told the story of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, an LAPD blade runner who would hunt down and kill genetically engineered replicants that defied the rules set for them coming out of retirement for one last job.

The film has gained an immense cult following ever since its release with critics who once panned the film coming around to praise it as a masterpiece. Its famously ambiguous ending and of course love from the fans have always led to sequel speculation. It was announced long ago it would happen, but now its all real thanks to the first footage of Blade Runner 2049 just released by Warner Bros. Check it out!

Moody, atmospheric, grand, it’s Blade Runner. Now we obviously didn’t gain much of what the plot is, just a little teasing and showing off the amazingly designed world from the original with today’s technology. Surely a freshly updated synopsis would fill in the blanks. Well sort of really.

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

Let the Deckard replicant theories start yet again!

Ridley Scott is helping to produce the sequel with Arrival director Denis Villeneuve taking the helm this time around with the screenplay duties handled by original film co-writer Hampton Fancher and Alien: Covenant scribe, Michael Green. Joining Ford and Ryan Gosling to round out the cast are Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, Jared Leto, Mackenzie Davis, Barkhad Abdi, Lennie James, and Sylvia Hoeks among others.

No word yet if this movie will have multiple versions.

What did you think of the footage? Are you excited? Did you ever want a Blade Runner sequel in the first place? Let us know in the comments below!

Blade Runner 2049 opens in theaters on October 6, 2017.

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