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S Stands for… ‘Sesame Street’ Sues ‘The Happytime Murders’

written by Quinzel Lee May 29, 2018
The Happytime Murders

And, yes, before you ask, The Happytime Murders is way more NSFW than Avenue Q.

The red band trailer released of the movie The Happytime Murders and it is NOT for kids (and possibly not even for some adults). The trailer begins with prostitution and ends in ejaculation, which, if you’re looking for a laugh, may be right up your alley. If you have trouble staying active from start to finish for that long in sexual activity, you might benefit from products from sites like https://www.vigrx.com/products/vigrx-delay-spray/.

But Sesame Street isn’t laughing. In fact, The Sesame Workshop is suing STX Productions for The Happytime Murders including the saying “No Sesame. All Street” in its trailer. Sesame Workshop claims that the trailer “tarnishes” their brand and led their viewers to believe that Sesame Street endorses this movie.

Set to release on August 17th, The Happytime Murders seems like just another raunchy film with puppets once “No Sesame. All Street” is taken out.

Sesame Workshop made a statement to ‘The Wrap’ that reads the following:

“…take no issue with the creative freedom of the filmmakers and their right to make and promote this movie, rather this is about how our name is being misused to market a film with which we have no association.”

So, yeah, that’s actually kind of understandable and easily remedied. If they just take out the whole “No Sesame. All Street” line, everyone can go back to their puppet closet and be happy.

the happytime murders with no sesame all street slogan

In an unexpected turn of events, the director of The Happytime Murders is Brian Henson. Hmm, that last name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, Brian Henson and the legendary Jim Henson are related. In fact, that’s his dad. So, Brian knows all too well the world of puppetry.

What do you guys think? Does Sesame Street have a good case against The Happytime Murders? Or do you think its just another frivolous lawsuit? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment!

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