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Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich from KFC: Disgusting or Delicious?

written by Quinzel Lee June 30, 2018
Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich

I don’t know whether to hop in the drive through or start cutting back my calories at hearing the phrase “Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich from KFC”.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is no stranger to odd concoctions. Just recently they had the Double Down Sandwich. This “sandwich” was used with two MORE pieces of chicken instead of bread. So it was more of a chicken tower than a sandwich. KFC caught a lot of flack for the insane amount of calories that this “sandwich” had.

So it seems like they wanted to go a different route and instead of sitting in their executive meetings saying “how can we make chicken more chicken-y?” the colonel came up with a new idea.

I introduce to you, the Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich from KFC. “It’s finger lickin’ gewd,” The Colonel says, curling his mustache.

closeup of the pickle fried chicken sandwich from kfc

The Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich from KFC is described on their website as, “crunchy fried chicken covered in a delicious dill pickle sauce.” You be the judge of whether that sounds delicious or not.

If you try it and it’s disgusting? Never fear, it seems like the Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich is only out for a limited amount of time. And if it’s good? Well, then you better get it while you can.

There’s plenty of reviews online if you’re not quite brave enough to try it. YouTube ChannelWhitfield’s Food Revue tried the Pickle Fried Chicken Tenders and described it as having “vinegar-y and creamy” taste. They definitely mention that the chicken is not for everyone. Take a look at the video yourself and see if you are curious enough to try the Pickle Fried Sandwich from KFC yourself.

What say you, geeks? Think you want to give the Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich a go? Anyone a big fan of pickles? Anyone out there try it and hate it? Leave us a comment and tell us all about your Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich experience.


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