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The Problem With Goku vs Superman

written by GodzillaHam July 23, 2015

“There are few wars between good and evil; most are between one good and another good.” – Yang Wen-li, Legend of Galactic Heroes.

The age-old battle between Superman and Goku has resurfaced, thanks largely to Screw Attack’s second Superman vs Goku video. Everyone wants someone to write or make something that agrees with whichever side they hold dear. But this is not going to be one of those articles. I’m not writing to defend or attack their argument. I’m writing about something else entirely.
Superman and Goku both are awesome. Dragon Ball Z helped a lot of us Americans get into anime in the first place, and a lot of its tropes have been reused in so many different anime. Superman started the party of superheroes, giving us things to geek out over since the 30’s. Which story is better is honestly up to people’s tastes. I prefer Superman and his tale because it connects to me better on a personal level, but if you like Dragon Ball Z kudos to you. It’s a wonderful story.

The problem comes when the two are pitted against each other. People take the two champions of their respective franchises and have them fight. Now, I am not going to say they shouldn’t be made to fight. Watching implausible yet awesome battles is one of my favorite things to do. I’d love it if DC and Funimation got together and made a full movie of the two fighting, but whoever won we’d never hear the end of it. The issue is that we assume characters we like should beat characters we don’t like. When our favorite is beaten, we often go on the defensive because we assume it’s an attack against our character we love. What this does is reduce a character to nothing more than fighting ability and stats, when they are so much more. Yes, Superman is an invulnerable, almost all-powerful being, but deep down underneath he just wants to be human. His power is great, and he rightly fears it, because he knows that if he slips up the consequences would be apocalyptic. Goku is more than just a fighter also. He’s a man who is determined to be the strongest fighter in the universe, but still spends time with his wife and son and finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He loves fighting, but understands that there is more to life than combat.

Super Saiyan Friends

Both Goku and Kal-El are much more than just almighty protectors of the universe. So these fights between them shouldn’t be seen as a challenge against either fandom. By Helix, we are the people who asked for it! So we don’t need to fight over who has more huge sets of powers. Why don’t we instead ask ourselves who is more inspiring, complicated, or interesting a character? Why don’t we accept that both are cool? The Screw Attack video, even though it made Goku lose twice, never made Goku look like less of a character. He put up the best fight I’ve seen from them, and they did it based on the facts, however dubious, about these characters. And they point out that Superman and Goku are about different things, so it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Both are awesome and we don’t need to start our own Death Battles over it. Also, we’re missing out on the most important thing about the two of them fighting. Instead of sitting back and enjoying how awesome a fight between them would be, we’re arguing about who needs to win.



What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you think the war has raged on too long between the fans? Do you think that both characters are cool? Dare I ask it, who do you think would win? I vote Superman, but I’m open-minded and don’t judge anyone for disagreeing. Or do you think Chuck Norris should just roundhouse kick them both? Share your thoughts with us!



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