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Work off that Butterbeer with Harry Potter Yoga

written by R. Patrick February 21, 2017
Yoga goers hold wands as they perform Harry Potter themed yoga

Harry Potter Yoga is here… This is not a drill!

Yoga goers hold wands as they perform Harry Potter themed yoga

Leave it to the Potterheads to find a way to keep in shape and still get their Harry Potter fix. This should be unsurprising given the rampant popularity of the real life adaptation of the wizarding sport of Quidditch. From Toronto to Austin, TX the new phenomenon of Harry Potter Yoga is sweeping the globe and likely here to stay.

The classes are comprised of a combination of yoga poses with magical names, excerpt readings from the books, and even some practice with magic wands and invisibility cloaks. Started as either charity events or Halloween celebrations, the classes have gone viral on Twitter and are no longer a mere special event. Of course, you don’t have to be a Potterhead to get involved with yoga. You might want to take a look at this website if you want to start getting involved with yoga without the obvious J.K Rowling references.

Instructor reading Harry Potter at Yoga class

Fear not fellow geeks, it’s not all about Health and Fitness, the Harry Potter themed yoga classes held in Austin are conveniently located at Circle Brewing Co so you can quench your thirst after all of your hard work. Isabel Beltran and Ximena Larkin began classes there as a way to celebrate the Boy Who Lived and bring a little life to their Halloween Yoga class.

It certainly seemed to work as their Halloween class sold out and may have helped to create a world wide craze. Let’s get out those spandex Potter fans, it’s time for a little “Downward Dumbledore”! What do you guys think? Would a Harry Potter themed fitness class give you enough motivation to hit the gym? Let us know in the comments below!