Saturday , 21 January 2017

Jude Kasekamp

I love comics, pro wrestling, a good sci-fi flick, and the latest cutting-edge tech. Can you keep up?

Wil Wheaton Gets His Own Asteroid. Will He Kill Us All?

Wil Wheaton at Comic-Con

Everyone’s favorite ensign from Star Trek: The Next Generation just got his own asteroid named after him. Well, at least actor Wil Wheaton did. He joins several Star Trek legends in receiving the honor! Asteroid 391257 has been named in honor of Wil Wheaton. Congratulations Wil! @wilw @WilliamShatner @StarTrek — Ron Baalke (@RonBaalke) January 19, 2017 Ron Baalke, who …

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Guardians: Russian Superhero Movie Final Trailer (VIDEO)

Ursus from Guardians Russian movie

Russians are more similar to people in the West than you might think. For example, they also enjoy a good superhero flick. We’ve seen clips and teasers of Guardians (Защитники) ramping up to the domestic premiere on February 23, 2017. They’ve just released the final trailer, and the movie is about as mad as you could imagine! Basically, we have a quintessential bad …

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie Props Up for Auction!

Resident Evil the Final Chapter movie poster with Milla Jovovich

Step right up! Step right up and bid on hundreds of genuine movie props from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter! On January 28, a day before the movie’s US premiere, a live auction will be held in El Segundo, CA. You can bid in person, online, or even on the phone like in that one Red Violin movie, except this will be …

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 logo

We have a ton of Nintendo Switch news! This is all following the video game company’s massive presentation. One title that has been eagerly anticipated is the follow-up to Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles. We now have the trailer with official gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles 2! The History of Xeno The Xeno games started out as a product of SquareSoft. Creator Tetsuya Takahashi …

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Fox’s X-Men TV Series Closer to Pilot, No Legion Crossover

90's X-Men

Fox is drawing nearer to placing an order for a pilot of the X-Men TV drama in pre-production. Following the success of Disney’s Marvel properties on Netflix, this prospect may provide more choice and competition. Choice and competition are obviously great news for comic book fans everywhere. So, what do we know about this possible TV show? Well, we know it will …

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Pocket Kingdom Game Review: An Amiga Homage

When I was a kid, my brother and I inherited an old Amiga system from our relatives in Toronto. Even though we had the original PlayStation at home, playing the Amiga at my grandparents’ house was one of the highlights of my childhood. I loved playing games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Police Quest, and Shadow of the Beast. …

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Verizon Ditches Contracts and Raises Upgrade Fees

Happy New Year, Verizon subscribers! If you’re still in a contract (how early 21st Century), you won’t be able to renew. The carrier is forcing existing customer into a new contract-free plan with device payments. That is actually very good for subscribers. The bad news? You’ll still have to pay an upgrade fee, which just went up by 50%. At CES …

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War for the Planet of the Apes and Alien: Covenant in VR!

war for the planet of the apes close up of cesar

I love the Alien franchise, and I love VR. I also love Planet of the Apes, and I still love VR. Put those elements together, and you have something truly awesome! Earlier this week, Fox announced that the upcoming Alien: Covenant film will get an accompanying VR experience. Today, at CES 2017, the studio also announced that War for the Planet of …

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Dish Network Alexa Integration and Dish Music

dish network logo

Amazon has been busy, and so has Dish Network. While the online retailer’s drone program has taken flight, the satellite TV provider announced a streaming box that combines old and new tech. Now, the two are joining forces to allow Alexa to control your Hopper. As if that weren’t enough, Dish also announced the launch of Dish Music. This will be a …

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Final Fantasy News: Play as Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande in her bunny costume, now in Final Fantasy

Well, we’re starting off 2017 with a headline I had never expected to ever write. Pop star and bunny cosplayer Ariana Grande will be a playable character in the new mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. I’m pretty stoked. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) has launched on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It’s a totally new RPG, instead of a mobile adaptation …

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