Saturday , 25 February 2017


Lifeproof FrePower Case GIVEAWAY

Life happens. More so to our phones. On a daily basis I see at least one broken phone. It might be a friend that has a broken screen, or someone having to charge their phone in some special way because a port is broke. With that being said there are cases and case manufacturers out there that have finally made …

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No key…no problem! Noke Smart lock REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

One technology that has not really changed very much over time is the padlock. When looking at pictures from 1950 compared to padlocks now you will notice only slight variations, but security for our homes, cars and even for our personal bodies have changed significantly. Then came Noke. We got our hands on a few of their smart padlocks to …

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As most of you that follow the site know, we love our GUNNARS on DHTG. The battle goes back and forth if they work or if they are worth the cost…and I have always said yes to both. After my first pair, I had to make sure that I always had a set at every computer and even a prescription …

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International GIVEAWAY! Win an LGG5 Sponsored by NFM and LG

You should know by now that we here at DHTG are a fans of giveaways! Once again we team up with NFM and bring in LG to host an amazing International giveaway. If you have followed our Facebook or Instagram, you noticed the amazing pictures we have taken on our LGG5. With one of the best cameras ever built on …

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Venus 16400 DPI MMO gaming mouse GIVEAWAY from DHTG!

Good news everybody! Thanks to the geeks over at UTechSmart, DHTG has a one of the greatest gaming mice that we have reviewed up for giveaway! Easy to enter and most of you return visitors know the drill! Thanks to everyone entering and be sure and check out our full review of the Venus MMO Gaming Mouse. Venus MMO Gaming …

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iPhone SE International GIVEAWAY from DontHateTheGeek

iPhone SE

It’s a new month. With that comes a new giveaway from DHTG. We have teamed up with your favorite gadget store Nebraska Furniture Mart for another awesome giveaway. This time up for grabs we have the latest phone from Apple…the iPhone SE. One lucky winner will be picking up a 16GB Space Gray iPhone SE on the house from DHTG …

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dbrand Skins GIVEAWAY from DHTG!

White dbrand skin Nexus 6P

We have a few phone giveaways going on now and in the near future (Samsung S7 and soon the LGG5) and wanted to make sure that we help you geeks out there know where to get your skins for them. Most of you out there have heard of dbrand and their internet loving robots. If you have not dbrand makes …

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Samsung Galaxy S7 International GIVEAWAY!!!!

Samsung S7 phone

It is that time of the year again when Samsung is releasing the next versions of their flagship Galaxy devices and we have awesome news for you geeks! Thanks to the nerds over at Nebraska Furniture Mart and of course Samsung, we have a Samsung Galaxy S7 for one of you lucky geeks! We will be on location March 11th …

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