Monday , 20 February 2017

Shane "Geek" Lundberg

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iPhone appears to be a leader of mobile gaming

iPhone appears to be a leader of mobile gaming, which might surprise some people. Android was actually a leader for a while. However, there have been some changes in recent years that might be turning the tables somewhat, making iPhone successful in a way that a lot of people did not anticipate. The balance of power in these tech companies …

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The Wait Is over for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is not exactly the most anticipated game of 2017, but still a nice way to kick-start the new year. The videogame has been a long time coming and the fans were hoping for a sequel to the Resident Evil 6 to arrive sooner. Capcom announced its intention to return to the roots of the franchise and …

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What a Quality Project Management Software Is Supposed to Do

Project management software-collaboration software

Employees generally don’t like drastic changes to functioning systems already in place. These changes are seen as hindrances to a workload that is already strenuous. So, when a boss announces that a new project management software will be used to streamline efficiency, employees are wary. When the promise of the newly adopted system doesn’t reach its lofty expectations, employees are …

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It’s 2017, Time for an Online Marketing Strategy

It’s 2017, Time for an Online Marketing Strategy If you’re a business owner your number one resolution for 2017 probably deals with growing your business. One of the easiest ways to grow a small business is to tap into online marketing. Spending time and resources for an SME can be a scary decision. Before surfing the waves of the digital …

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Xbox One S Sports Bundle GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sports, sports and more sports. Can we really get enough? I love being able to sit down with my friends at a bar or even at home and play through the game for bragging rights at the end. I think we all do. When fantasy football comes around it pretty much takes over. Imagine if you had these kinds of …

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Video Conferencing on the Rise in the US Healthcare Industry

When people think healthcare, they think white coats, stethoscopes, clip boards and that unmistakable scent of alcohol and cleaning product that permeates the rooms and hallways of any hospital. When people think video conferencing, they think of board rooms in New York and Japan, communicating via two giant wall-mounted TVs, with expensive microphone and speaker equipment and a skyline in …

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Nintendo Switch: What’s Coming Next


Nintendo have long been the wild card of the big three of consoles. Ever since the Xbox was released in 2001, there is three-way battle between three consoles as each tries to outdo the other. Since the Gamecube, Nintendo has often lagged behind on sales of games. They have produced strong exclusives and first party instalments but fallen behind on …

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4 Things Clients Don’t Expect During a Video Conference

When it comes to trying to meet with your customers and clients on a frequent basis, there are always hurdles involved. However, when you think about how technology has enabled many of those hurdles to start to be diminished and go away slightly over time, the fact of the matter is having video conferencing capabilities can make your life easier …

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