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Channing Tatum To Voice Yeti in ‘Smallfoot’

written by Ro November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving Day, Warner Brother’s released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming (September 28, 2018) animated comedy Smallfoot starring Channing Tatum as the Yeti, Migo.

The Smallfoot is a legendary creature talked about in stories the campfire. It’s described as “a terrifying creature with perfect white teeth and breath that just smells all minty fresh and the only hair it has on its entire body is on the top of its head!” When Migo discovers a real Smallfoot named Percy (James Corden) it throws the Yeti community into an uproar. The mythical creature is real. Migo uses his newfound notoriety to woo the Yeti of his dreams. The Yetis begin to wonder (and worry) about what else may really exist beyond their snowy mountain top village

This film turns myths about the legendary Yeti on its head in what looks to be a hilariously good time:

Meet the cast:

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