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You Ok, Bro? Dude Eats His 30,000th Big Mac

written by Quinzel Lee June 19, 2018
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Don’t worry, that level of Big Mac consumption didn’t happen in one sitting. So you can scale back that level of concern. With McDonald’s being the popular food chain that it is, it would be easy to eat a lot of Big Macs, but to eat 30,000 in your lifetime? That takes some effort! Lets “meat” (haha, get it? meat/meet) the man behind the Mac.

Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin got his first taste of the Big Mac in 1972. He even recalls to the FDL Reporter that he just got his drivers license that day, so it was a very important memory of his. From that moment, Groske’s love for the Big Mac intensified and he started on the path of breaking world records. For you math geeks, to reach 30,000 Big Macs since 1972, he had to eat, on average, 2 Big Macs a day.

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Does his name sound familiar? That’s because the American World Record Holder was featured in the 2004 documentary Super Size Me. the documentary claims that “90 percent of [his] solid diet is probably Big Macs.” But if you’re still feeling doubtful that he actually consumed anywhere close to 30,000 Big Macs, like a teenager who collects screenshots, he’s got the receipts.

Not literal receipts, however. He has saved, preserved, and organized Big Mac cartons from each of his McDonalds excursions.

So on May 4th, 2018, Gorske reached a new milestone in his Big Mac journey by consuming his 30,000th Big Mac. This beefy milestone took place in the very same McDonalds where he ate his very first Big Mac.

So real talk though, is he ok?

“At my last medical check-up I had low cholesterol and my blood pressure was perfect,” Groske said

There you go. Now that your concerns have been addressed, what do you think of this guy’s McDonald’s Big Mac obsession? Does it make you want to go out and get one right now? Sound off and leave us a comment.

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