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‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Dan Slott Goes Down Swinging

written by Gary Hoy June 19, 2018
Amazing Spider-Man 799 Red Goblin capture

What is more terrifying to Spider-Man than Carnage?

I’ve read a lot of Spider-Man books and talked to a lot of non-comic fans. The general consensus is always the same. Carnage and Venom are the most terrifying villains that Spider-Man has ever had to deal with. I cannot agree with that sentiment because although one has a body that becomes his personal weapon and possesses a serial killer, I only see him as a threat, not an end-game.

I’ve always felt that Venom is more terrifying as he snacks on brains, renders the web swinging agility, speed, and strength all useless, but again Venom is more of a threat. This symbiote has created multiple threats in the form of its children. One of these threats is of course Carnage.

How many of these symbiotes have killed his loved ones or ruined his life in a permanent manner? The answer is none. So I will ask again, what is more, terrifying than Carnage? I’m going to say, Norman Osborne, The Green Goblin. Dan Slott’s final story arc is everything a Spider-Man fan can ask for.

Norman isn’t the Green Goblin.

After the events of tormenting the Superior Spider-Man and Peter Parker over the years, the Goblin is gone. Peter created a cure for the Goblin Serum, that gave Norman his inhuman abilities and removed his ability to be the Goblin.

In recent months, however, the eccentric billionaire has been working to become the Goblin once again. Searching vigorously for a cure to ‘The Cure’ has taken him all over the globe. It’s been a slow burn, but the pay off was definitely worth it.

The final step was kidnapping J.J. Jameson and getting the information of just who is under the web-clad mask. The usual supervillain montage of explaining his evil plan and how he is going to kill everybody that knows Peter to make his life miserable. You’d think he would’ve stopped at Gwen cause that was bad enough right?

This is more terrifying than Carnage. The Red Goblin.

Norman found his cure. The red symbiote of death and destruction. Using the Carnage symbiote he became a force to be reckoned with. Combining the insanity of The Green Goblin and Carnage was the perfect cocktail for the fall of Peter Parker and all of his loved ones.

Amazing Spider-Man 795 Panel

Source: Marvel Comics

Exploiting all the information he obtained from Jameson, Osborn never stops and will go even further taking his own grandson Normie, possessing him with the Carnage symbiote.

The poor little boy that is closest to Aunt May. Sending a terrible little devil into her home to attack her, but we’ll get back to that later. It was insane seeing how he would exploit his family, but then I just had to think back to Dark Reign and American Son.

I think it’s more than clear this new threat was far more than any, one Spider-Man could handle. The Goblin had already defeated the likes of Silk, Agent Anti-Venom, and used Jameson as his pawn the entire time he executed these horrible plans of his. The tollĀ keeps rising on injured heroes and allies.

Jameson has a plan.

After Peter battles the Goblin to no avail, the heroes take a beating, Mary Jane and May are in serious danger. Jameson sits realizing it’s all his fault. He revealed too much, he told the Goblin everything that he needed to know. The man can only do one thing. He picks up the phone and makes a call to Eddie Brock.

Surprised to hear the voice of a man he clearly despises, Brock listens to his instructions when he exclaims he needs to speak to Brock. Suggesting that he can blow his cover and ruin the new sweet gig he has going right now in the world and living a better life. Classic Jameson, using and exploiting people for gain.

There’s Something I need you and your better half to do. Don’t worry it’s for a good cause.

Peter sends Mary Jane to STARK Tower, where she’ll be safe and have security against symbiotes. I imagine Tony has upgraded his place of business since as far back as Maximum Carnage. This, of course, does not stop the Goblin from coming after her as he planned.

Lethal Protector.

So I finally got to see what the phone call was all about when to my surprise Venom comes crashing through the window to save Mary Jane. This is so poetic as Brock tormented M.J. in the past and she absolutely hates the symbiote. If you’re going to bring things full circle, this is an amazing start.

Venom has difficulty fighting against Red Goblin while being pummeled by sonics and flames from the STARK security measures. He pleads with M.J. to turn them off. I have to say I was a little shocked that she did so. When you consider her history with Venom and her dislike for symbiotes as a whole.

Aunt May is in danger! Saved by WHO?

Big surprise here. The little old lady is targeted, but in true Norman Osborn fashion, it’s done by a small child she babysits for Harry and Liz Osborn. I wasn’t surprised when Aunt May opened the door and was soon attacked by a tiny Red Goblin calling himself the Goblin Child.

In the instant, this little brat is about to skewer the poor old lady he gets hit by a freakin’ tentacle and slammed against the wall. HOLY CRAP! Doc Ock in his fresh clone Peter body dawning the Hydra-like logo on his chest in a traditional duster stands over this child and swears no harm shall ever come to Aunt May or they shall face his wrath.

Now one of my favorite lines in this is when Carnage points out that when Aunt May made cookies for Normie she put raisins in them and should die for that. I definitely found myself laughing out loud, but there was no chance to really recover before seeing Venom getting schooled by the Goblin.

Back in Black.

I can’t say that I was surprised when Venom got beaten and his next words were for Peter to take the symbiote. I was surprised when Peter refused to do so and he was talked into getting a symbiotic upgrade by M.J. because it’s only fair if Norman has one right?

Flash gets a nice moment in the hospital when the staff tries to unmask Silk and Miles to treat their wounds. He demands that the mask stays on. He’s confronted by Sha Shan for not only being a superhero but also having a working set of legs while dawning Anti-Venom.

Doc Ock is noble?

So now it’s off to save Aunt May and does that make for a very awkward situation. Spider-Man coming face to face with the man who helped destroy his company, ruined his life, stole his body, harmed his mentor, and tried to kill him many times. I think the list is pretty big but, I’m abbreviating.

Jameson tries using his Spider-Slayer to stop the attack on May, although by the time Peter gets there it seems as though it’s too late. I honestly thought for a minute there that Dan Slott was going to kill May to nullify the One More Day arc.

It already seems he’s working overtime with Peter and M.J. and many more knowing his identity and getting their memories back. What a way to go out would be undoing keeping her alive after Civil War. To my surprise, a very weakened Doc Ock is covering May’s body with many red spikes in his own.

Amazing Spider-Man 800 screenshot

Source: Mavel Comics

It’s very interesting to find out that Ock still has all of Peter’s memories. His conversations with Uncle Ben, being raised by May, his every heroic deed, losing Gwen to Osborn, it’s all just rattling around in there and giving this horrible villain a conscience.

I still have your memories. Many of them rattling around inside my head. Your upbringing. Your simpleton sensibilities of right and wrong.

Peter kind of has no choice at this point. It’s time to end this once and for all. There is only one place left for Norman to go and that is Alchemax to leverage Liz Osborn’s son for control of the company. So it makes sense that he’d want to take the company in a similar fashion to how Parker Industries fell.

Norman gets another one.

Norman, of course, doesn’t get the answer that he wants and being the megalomaniac that he is immediately attempting to attack Normie’s mother right in front of him. Kind of stupid when the kid is just as Carnage as he is. Normie still helps his popopĀ in fighting against Harry and his mother up until Red Goblin tries to kill Liz by throwing her out a window.

Hmm…I wonder what is it with me and blondes in high places?

I’ll give points for creativity and put a sadistic smile on my face. I’m pretty sure this was a stupid move on Norman’s part since the kid is now pissed. Norman now has to deal with Spidey, Normie, Harry, and finally Agent Anti-Venom. The fight goes on for a bit before Flash shows up and being the good samaritan, Pete takes the Goblin away from his loved ones.

This is where things get bad. Flash does everything he can to save his friend, knowing Peter is under the mask and not just seeing his favorite hero anymore. Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Peter. Watching the man be electrocuted to death I was surprised. Agent Venom has been a huge part of Marvel now for quite a bit, so seeing him die was intense.

Venom snaps out of Pete just moments after. This was an awesome visual of Peter going full Venom and telling Norman he is going to eat his brains. I wasn’t expecting that, but with a pep talk from Flash he comes back down to the slim and trim black.

Norman Osborn defeated.

After a nice tussle in the street and what looks like a guaranteed victory for our scarlet lunatic. Peter does the one thing that made me truly appreciate this story. He demands a fighting man to man. No gimmicks just men, this is after telling Osborn that he won’t be remembered for killing Spider-Man, but Carnage aka. Cletus Kasaday will be.

Appealing to his ego as an Achilles heel is so perfect. Using his own words against him and making him tear off the symbiote and try to fight Spider-Man is the perfect end to this story. I have to say that there are some plot points that will be there for new writers to play with. Normie being part Carnage and Osborn’s consciousness in defeat being taken over by Kasaday just before his defeat.

I can’t wait to see what happens as the months go on. This is another classic in the books for Dan Slott. For all his missteps in Spider-Man. Dan has some hits that really resonate for all time with generations of comic fans.

Was this a great story to end his tenure, and do we actually think that Flash will stay dead? Is it the end of Osborn? Let us know in the comments.


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