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G7 ThinQ Will Have LG’s Brightest Screen Yet (NOTCH CONFIRMED!)

written by Dominic Gomez April 27, 2018
Screen options on the LG G7 ThinQ

As we inch closer and closer to the official announcement of the newest LG flagship, the G7 ThinQ, we keep getting more and more leaks. This one is courtesy of LG themselves. According to a recent blog post, the G7 ThinQ will have a “high-resolution display that displays the brightest and richest color among smartphones”.

The “richest color” claim is a very big one to make. Say what you will about Samsung oversaturating their displays, they have been among the most gorgeous displays on any smartphone in recent years. It seems like LG is paying a lot of attention to the display on the G7 ThinQ though. Honestly, I would have liked to see a high refresh rate – something similar to the 120Hz display on the Razer Phone.

Something that will be really nice is having a bright screen. I didn’t have many complaints with my V20, but if there was one it would have been the not so bright screen. According to LG’s blog post:

The ‘LG G7 ThinQ‘ is equipped with a ‘brightness boost’ function that implements a 1,000-nit screen.¬†‘Brightness boost’ reflected the voices of customers that it is difficult to see the screen clearly in bright sunlight in the midday sunlight.¬†Considering that the overall screen brightness of a typical smart phone is about 500 to 600 knits, it is about twice as bright.

Samsung has something similar to the “brightness boost” function. Their “high brightness mode” can get the S9’s display up to 1,130 nits. I would be curious to see how the LG G7 ThinQ screen brightness compares to the S9. They are going to be using two different screen technologies. The S9 uses an OLED panel and the LG will be using an LCD panel. That is probably a good thing considering the “blue tint” issues with recent displays (*cough*Pixel2*cough*V30*).

I have to point this out, considering how much I don’t want to see the notch on the G7 ThinQ. According to the pic above, which was taken from LG’s post, we will have the ability to “hide” the notch. I would like to see how this will look considering the panel is LCD they don’t have the deep blacks OLED does. I would hope they can make it look seamless. It looks like there will be multiple color modes. I’m honestly curious as to what that¬†expert mode does.

What are your thoughts on this new information? A bright screen is definitely a plus. What about being able to hide the notch? Does that change your opinion on this phone? We would love to know what you think! Sound off in the comments!

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