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Dear Sony Pictures: Don’t F*** Up Marvel’s ‘Silk’ Movie

written by Ro June 30, 2018
Marvel's Silk

I know, harsh, but Marvel’s comic Silk is one of my recent favorites!

Why Are We Even Talking About ‘Silk’?

The movie adaptation of Silk from Sony Pictures’ universe of Marvel-licensed properties is reportedly in early development, with Amy Pascal producing. Silk is a Korean-American girl named Cindy Moon. Cindy Moon already exits in the MCU. Actress Tiffany Espensen (yes I know she is Chinese-American, this is Hollywood casting people) debuted the character in Spider-Man Homecoming as a member of Parker’s decathlon team.

Who Is Cindy Moon A.K.A. Silk?

Cindy Moon’s first comic appearance was in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1. Created by Dan Slott (writer) and Humberto Ramos (artist), Cindy exists in the Peter Parker universe (Earth-616). Cindy and Peter are high school classmates. Both attended the General Techtronics demonstration on handling nuclear laboratory waste materials safely. After the irradiated spider bit Parker on the hand, it fell to the floor where it bit Cindy on the ankle before dying.

Cindy is a Korean-American girl more interested in hockey and her boyfriend. However, she’s wicked smart so her parents are pushing her to buckle down at school. She ends up at that presentation because her mom makes her go. Yay parenting. After being bitten, Moon gains an eidetic memory, can shoot webs from her fingertips, and has a hyper-sensitive Spider-Sense. She’s faster than Parker but he’s still stronger (golly, wonder who felt that needed to be a thing).

Cover of Silk Vol. 0 The Life and Times of Cindy Moon

Cover of Silk Vol. 0 The Life and Times of Cindy Moon

Parker doesn’t learn about Moon’s existence until thirteen years later. If comics are your jam and you can handle seeing your boy Peter looking less than amazing all the time, you should definitely dive in. Here’s a pretty nicely done piece on a reading order for issues and her solo series.

Why Worry?

There’s a wealth of material to make a killer standalone film. A great storyline can be written without stepping on any moves the MCU may decide to make (or not) with the character. Cindy was on the bus with Parker in Infinity War, so who knows where things will go.

I’m not into mincing words. Hollywood has a tendency to “lose” all of a character’s pigment when casting live action stories centering Asian people (*cough* Major Motoko Kusanagi *cough*). So, if Sony f***s this up, I will be extremely pissed off. When bigwigs start talking diversity and inclusion I get squirrely because evidence suggests they don’t actually know what any of those concepts really entail. So I’m even less inclined to play coy about my feelings when watching a project make its way to the big screen.

As of yet, there’s no information on a plot, director, or stars under consideration. So, we shall see. Pascal is a known advocate for strong female leads. Sony looks to be leaning in the right direction with Venom.  However, I remain vigilant (and therefore belligerent) because the night is dark and (Hollywood is) full of terrors.

What secondary/supporting character from Marvel Comics would you like to see get a standalone movie? Hit us up in the comments!

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