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HTC U12+ Full Specs Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement!

written by Dominic Gomez May 22, 2018
HTC U12 renders

Noted leaker (there’s that word again) Evan Blass (@evleaks) has come across the full spec sheet for the not yet officially announced HTC U12+. Not only that, but the picture above is reportedly the actual phone, not just a render. A few days ago, yours truly wrote about HTC’s upcoming announcement along with what I thought the specs would be, and what I wanted to see in the phone. Let’s see how close I was (you can read the full article here).


Full spec sheet for the HTC U12+.

  • Snapdragon 845 – called it
  • 6″ Quad HD LCD – called this also, although I wanted to see OLED
  • Boomsound – I don’t see a bottom front facing speaker, so I called this one too
  • USB C – I technically called it, but all Android phones are going this way so it was pretty obvious
  • 12MP Ultra Wide and 16MP Telephoto (rear) – I didn’t really call dual rear cameras, but I did call the MP
  • DUAL 8MP (front) – I thought the front would be 12MP, but I wasn’t expecting a dual camera setup
  • 6GB RAM 64/128GB Storage – Figured as much, maybe the 64GB version will be a bit cheaper
  • IP68 – Better than my guess of IP67, although I did say at least

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the rest of this spec sheet though. There’s quite a bit to talk about.


I’m glad to see a wide-angle camera on the U12+. LG has gotten this down to a science and I hope HTC can put it into practice the way LG does. A couple other things you’ll find; HDR Boost 2, OIS, Bokeh Mode, and Pro mode with RAW support round out some of the bigger features. Bokeh mode will put your main subject in focus and blur out the background. A Samsung feature similar to this is Selective Focus. OIS is always helpful to make sure your subject stays in focus, especially if you have a bit of a shaky hand when taking pictures. Something that might get a lot of people excited is the Pro mode with RAW support. RAW files contain as little processing as possible so it makes for easier post-processing for color grading and whatnot. It would be nice to see focus peaking as a part of the Pro Mode. That is a huge help when trying to manually focus.

The front camera is pretty much standard for you would expect to see in 2018 flagship phone. We have a wide angle camera, selfie panorama, live make-up, bokeh mode (portrait mode), screen flash, and face unlock. Face unlock can be pretty good if they do it right. Bokeh mode can also be great, but since this is HTC they have to nail it. I hate to say it but other OEM’s have a certain level of leeway that HTC just doesn’t have for some reason. Yes, I know HTC cameras have been sub-par in the past.


4k video at 60fps leads the pack. After that, there is Sonic Zoom, high-quality audio recording (4 mics), 8MP stills while recording in 4k, slo-mo (240fps at 1080p) and OIS. You’ll also get 1080p recording from the front camera. I really hate to say it, but there’s nothing here to set it apart from the pack. The audio recording could be great. Imagine you’re at a concert and you want to get a quick clip of your favorite song. You hit record, then watch the video on the car ride home. It looks great, only thing is it sounds like a cat got its tail caught in a car door. If they can do the audio recording right, it should sound close to the live version.


Everything on the spec sheet points to very high-quality audio. Matter of fact, the U12+ is Hi-Res Certified. If you have a pair of Hi-Res Certified headphones you’re in luck. Here’s what I’m betting the catch will be, there won’t be a headphone jack. My best guess is that will be coming out of a USB C port. IF that is the case, that is a huge bummer. For the simple fact that at best to still use your high-quality headphones, you’ll need to bring an adapter.


For the most part that takes care of all the major features of HTC’s newest flagship. I’ll be honest, I’m honestly pretty excited to see if HTC can pull off all the features they packed into this phone. If they did forgo the headphone jack on this phone, there is one thing to be happy about: No notch!

Just looking at the specs would you be willing to give this phone a shot? Or did the OnePlus win you over? Maybe your heart is set on the G7. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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