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Google Knows We’re Annoyed: Google Home Conversations Made Easy

written by Quinzel Lee June 25, 2018
Hand touching top of Google Home

My Google Home is pretty cool. I like being able to request a song when my hands aren’t free. Occasionally, I’ll let Google Home entertain me by telling me a joke or two. However, there’s just one thing that grinds my gears.

Me: “Hey, Google, play 90s music.”

Google: “Playing 90s music on Pandora.”

*”My Heart Will Go On” begins playing

Me: “Oh God, next song!”

Google: “…”

Me: “Next. Song.”

Google: “…’

Me: *through clenched teeth “OK, Google, play. next. song.”

It’s a little annoying that we have to say, “Hey,” and, “OK,” every time. At the same time, we don’t really want it listening to us all the time and making random actions.

Luckily, Google has come up with the perfect solution. Now for any Google Assistant devices, including Google Home, you don’t need to say, “Hey,” or, “OK,” with each request.

Basically, you will still need to say, “He,y Google,” or, “OK, Google,” to begin your request. However, with the latest update from Google, they have now added a feature known simply as “Continued Conversations”. Google Assistant will stay active for no longer than eight seconds after the first “Hey Google” so conversations with your Google Home can look like this.

Me: “Hey, Google, what’s the weather like today?”

Google: “It is currently 67 degrees and raining.”

Me: “And what’s the weather like tomorrow?”

Google: “Clear skies with a high of 85.”

Continued Conversation is available now. You can access it by going into your Google Assistant app and selecting Settings > Preferences > Continued Conversation. Or if you’re a big fan of all of the Hey’s and Okay’s, then you have the option of leaving it as-is.

What do you think of Google Assistant‘s new Continued Conversation feature? Will you try this setting with your Google Home? If you don’t have one, does this make you want to buy one? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

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