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Top Tech of 2016 from Don’t Hate the Geek!

2016 is over, so it’s time to wrap up the top tech of the year! In a year that definitely had its ups and downs, we got some of the best devices we could have asked for. Without further adieu, these are the picks of cool and innovative stuff you should be spending your money on. Armastis’ Top Tech: Samsung Galaxy …

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iPhone 8: Samsung-Made Curved Display on 1 of 3 New Phones

iphone 8 concept with curved display

The iPhone 8 rumour mill keeps putting out new information! As we previously reported, Apple is allegedly featuring a curved screen in the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. Now, it has come to light that not only will there be 3 phones, but they may be getting those advanced displays from their #1 competitor: Samsung. It sounds like OLED displays are …

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Verizon: Never Mind, We’ll Kill the Galaxy Note 7 After All

As we reported earlier, Samsung is killing the Galaxy Note 7 once and for all. They’ve partnered with carriers for an update that’ll turn it from an expensive bomb into an expensive paper weight. Verizon had refused to participate, citing the safety of their subscribers during the holiday season. Verizon will not be taking part in this update because of the …

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Galaxy S7 Edge in Black Pearl Might Heal Note 7 Wounds

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Black Pearl angles

Hey disgruntled Note 7 users who haven’t completely moved on after breaking up with Samsung! If you haven’t picked up an LG V20 yet, Samsung just announced a new Galaxy S7 Edge, in stunning Black Pearl. So, brace yourselves. Are you drooling yet? Because I know I am. Here’s a bit from the announcement: The new Black Pearl Galaxy S7 edge …

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Galaxy Note 7 Euthanized by Samsung, but not on Verizon

Seems like the fiery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga may finally come to an end. The manufacturer is rolling out a software update that will render the device inoperable. Major US carriers will push the update to the remaining 7% of Note 7 phones. However, Verizon Wireless refuses to cooperate, citing safety. Which is more dangerous? Not having a phone, or …

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Pebble to be Bought by Fitbit after Struggles

pebble lineup of smartwatches

After slowing sales, layoffs, and resorting to borrowed money to stay afloat, Pebble is reportedly being acquired by Fitbit. What’s a Kickstarter poster child worth to a fellow smartwatch maker these days? About $40 million, apparently. Pebble Pebble, maker of smart wearable technology, has faced challenges. It’s mostly come from the likes of the Apple Watch and slowing interest in …

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Samsung Ready to Announce Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Results

Here we are again with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s technological equivalent of boasting what a gifted pianist their child is and once they put them out there for everyone to see, they hit all the wrong keys and its not a good time for everyone involved. What should have been the crowning achievement for not just Samsung, but Android …

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iPhone Coming After Samsung with Curved Screen?

iphone 7 display close

Here comes the rumor mill! The iPhone 7 is still hot off its recent release. Nevertheless, Apple’s Chinese suppliers are reporting that Cupertino has asked them to ramp up production of OLED displays. The aim is to produce screens that are better than the beautiful displays rival Samsung produces. Could we see an iPhone with a curved OLED display à la the Galaxy …

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Sprint First Carrier Offering Google’s Universal RCS

Sprint and Google Logos

As if the mobile messaging landscape weren’t complicated enough. Sprint is now the first US carrier to offer RCS (Rich Communications Services) using Google‘s universal standard in the Messenger app. Do Android users finally have a universal text messaging service that can compete with iMessage? What is RCS? Before getting into Google’s “keep throwing up messaging apps to see what sticks” …

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Galaxy Note 7 is Still a Fiery Punchline for Southwest!

Note 7 on fire

Oh poor, poor Samsung. The hits keep coming, don’t they? Not only did their new flagship Galaxy Note 7 catch fire at inconvenient times, but the replacement phones did, too. The massive recall and subsequent discontinuation cost the tech giant billions of dollars in sales. We at Don’t Hate the Geek will continue to comment on this still developing story. One of …

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