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Kevin Smith Reportedly Discussing Project with Disney

written by Gary Hoy June 28, 2018
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Is Kevin Smith’s Next Project Marvelous or In a Galaxy Far Far Away?

There are reports that Kevin Smith may be working with the House of Mouse on a new project involving either Marvel, Star Wars or it could even be something else entirely. Whatever the project is the word is fans are, ‘In for a Treat!’

This is all still up in the air. Most things in Hollywood are never set in stone until they announce it.

News surfaced at ACE ComicCon. The news is scarce, as anything involving Disney has to be kept under wraps as a part of their contracts with talent and actors until they decide to announce it themselves.

Kevin Smith’s Body of Work.

Kevin Smith is most known for his work with an indy movie known as Clerks. From there he made classics such as Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike, and Red State.

Clerks Movie Still

In the recent years, the man has been working for IMDB in interviewing actors and directors about upcoming and past projects. He also works on the Smodcast with co-hosts Marc Bernardin, Ralph Garmin, and Jason Mewes. The shows include Fatman on Batman, Hollywood Babble-On, and Jay and Silent Bob Getting Old.

Smith has even worked on 3 episodes of The Flash for CW and 2 episodes of Supergirl as the director. Unfortunately, the man can’t seem to get his hands on Arrow, which is the one he really wants to work on.

He is the perfect pick for something like Arrow. Smith has written comics for Green Arrow, Daredevil, Batman, Spider-Man and Black Cat. This is just a list of the expertise the man has in writing comics and directing all things superhero-related. Kevin has had some missteps in his work over the years, Tusk, but he continues to entertain with his voice and opinions.

Smith has stepped down from some projects over the years including a Green Lantern movie and Superman Lives, which he quoted,

Far more talented people with more experience and understanding should work on.

Are you excited for a potential project with the House of Mouse and Kevin Smith collaborating? Or do you think in Kevin’s own joking words that he’ll,

F*ck up space and superheroes for everybody

Let us know in the comments!


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