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AMC Closes the Book on ‘Comic Book Men’

written by Gary Hoy June 27, 2018
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After 7 Seasons ‘Comic Book Men‘ had been Canceled

After 7 Seasons and 96 episodes, ‘Comic Book Men‘ based out of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in New Jersey, has been canceled by the AMC Network. The show had a pretty good showing each season. Kevin Smith announced the news on his ‘SMODCAST‘ series.

He received word during his anniversary in the form of a text. Smith stated he couldn’t believe it after doing many favors for AMC and surviving his massive heart attack. He thought there was no way the show was going to get canceled this season. It’s ironic because of every season he felt it was going to be canceled and wasn’t, but this season he was sure of renewal and it was canceled.

When you got a TV show, you live in fear of the moment that our little TV show just faced. Comic Book Men — our series that has been on AMC for seven seasons, 96 episodes, shot at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey, starring Walter, Bryan, Ming, and Mike, and occasionally myself, and a host of people that came through the doors from the world of comic books, comic book media, movies, TV, pop culture in general, a celebration of all things geek, a show that, when it aired, we all felt like, ‘Oh, lord, the reviews are so bad, it will never run past this one run of six episodes,’ or whatever it was, and yet, wound up going seven seasons — the little show that could has finally… couldn’t. Unfortunately. AMC let me know they won’t be renewing Comic Book Men for an eighth season.

Kevin Smith’s take on the show.

In a beautiful quote by Smith on his podcast. He stated his belief of the show selling nostalgia to fans. His belief is that people were watching because it reminded them of their childhood. Old comics, special guests, toys, and moments of discussion that would remind geeks everywhere of their love for all things geek.

But everything that came through the door — this makes sense when you break it down logically — people aren’t gonna sell you new shit, so what are they gonna sell you? Old shit. And old shit is valuable, why? Because, well, it’s old, and also there’s sentimental value to it. Shit coming through the doors that we would see was mostly old and it generated a lot of conversation about old things, things that hadn’t happened in 10, 20 years and shit like that, and hence it becomes a nostalgia show.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I watched to see what was coming through the door next.

The ‘Comic Book Men‘ relive some of their favorite moments.

Comic Book Men promotional work featuring stars

Source: AMC

Kevin and the boys, Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapzcic, Brian Johnson and Ming Chen sat around retelling their favorite tales from the show. They explained their favorite episodes and moments with laughter. Taking shots at Ming and talking about how they were now invited to Conventions to promote not only their shows but doing work for AMC personally.

The special guests.

We already mentioned Stan Lee. Its other appearances; Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, William Shatner, Adam West, Rosario Dawson, Jim Lee, Robert Englund, Geoff Johns and more have walked through the doors of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. Even musicians like DMC and Method Man.

Comic Book Men still from Season 5

Source: AMC

For anybody who is into anything comics and pop culture, this is a show worth checking out. With all 7 Seasons available on iTunes and hopefully a streaming service picking it up after the cancellation. You can relive some of these great moments for years to come.

Did you watch ‘Comic Book Men’? What was your favorite episode or guest? Let us know in the comments if this cancellation affects you or if you never saw the show!

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