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Hijabi Hooligan Cosplay Shows That Cosplay Is For Everyone

written by Quinzel Lee May 20, 2017
Hijabi Hooligan cosplay wearing Captain America costume

You guys will fall in love with this featured cosplayer: Hijabi Hooligan. This 22 year old Sunni Muslim incorporates her hijab in all of her cosplays. Her Captain America cosplay went viral very quickly. If you’d like to get inside her head for a moment, read on for an awesome Q and A session!

Quinzel Lee: What made you get interested in cosplay?

Hijabi Hooligan: “I got into cosplay through a friend I met in college, who took me to my first convention. I’d been a nerd for a long time and had always admired cosplayers but had no idea conventions were run locally until I met my friend! “

QL: Tell me about your favorite cons you’ve attended

HH: “My favorite conventions have to be NFCC 2014 and Teesside Unleashed 2015. I met the most amazing people, most of whom are life-long friends now! NFCC was also the first big convention I ever went to and I had an absolutely amazing time, and TU was where I premiered my first version of my Captain America cosplay which has clearly taken off! “

QL: How important is diversity in cosplay to you?

Hijabi Hooligan cosplay as Joker

HH: “Diversity is everything. The awesome thing about cosplay is that there are no limits to it; you can do whatever you want with a costume/character and it’s all cosplay! Being different is something that cosplaying promotes, and that’s one of the things that truly made me fall in love with it. “

QL:  Tell me about that and the overwhelming support you got to replace your old Captain America shield

HH: “Actually, it was never replaced! Problems with prices. Basically, my shield was badly made (by myself) and a lot of people offered to buy me a new one, and eventually a group of Cap cosplayers came forward and offered to send me a metal one from the US! The support I received was overwhelming and so heartfelt; despite the fact that the shield didn’t happen, the support everyone gave me will always stay in my heart. “

QL: What future cosplays are you planning to do? Whats been your favorite past cosplay?

HH: “I’m currently planning/working on fem Gambit, Wonder Woman and Zelda copsplays! These are going to be some of my biggest ones yet. I’m very excited to work on them! Some of my favorite past cosplays were definitely Maria and all the Ezio versions I did. Being able to work on such detailed designs is a passion of mine and all three of those had an intense amount of detailing for me to figure out! Plus, who doesn’t love a good Assassin, am I right?”

What a uniquely awesome cosplayer! Be sure to check our her Facebook page to get the latest pics and news on her cosplays!

What do you guys think of her?Are you excited to see what she is going to do next? Let me know in the comments below.

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