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New Vengeance! Identity of Cosmic Ghost Rider Revealed!

written by Laura Mechem July 8, 2018
Marvel's Cosmic Ghost Rider in new front cover

Marvel’s new Cosmic Ghost Rider comic book hit the shelves on July 4, 2018, and this a Ghost Rider like we haven’t seen before! Ghost Rider has had many identities over the years, from Johnny Blaze to Robbie Reyes. However, Marvel’s new Ghost Rider is a familiar face in a very unfamiliar place.

On Marvel.com, Cosmic Ghost Rider writer Donny Cates revealed that the new Ghost Rider is none other than Frank Castle, a.k.a The Punisher! And when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Cates would go further to say it “barely makes perfect sense”. What other character in the Marvel Universe has vengeance running through them quite like Frank Castle?

So What is the Cosmic Ghost Rider Up Against?

Cates has developed Castle’s character and tried to develop a cheeky sensibility and humor that we perhaps haven’t seen in Frank up until now. However, the Frank Castle of Cosmic Ghost Rider fame is not the same. In the new comic, he is millions of years old and facing up a familiar foe, Thanos. It is, apparently, a testament to how dark the comic is when Frank Castle is the one providing the comic relief and cracking the jokes. Cates liked the idea of Thanos coming up against something that made no sense and couldn’t be beaten.

The Cosmic Ghost Rider and Thanos

Hang On… Didn’t Frank Castle Die?

Well, the Cosmic Ghost Rider is in possession of a piece of the Time Stone, using it to travel millions of years into the future. Fans of the Thanos comics may remember that in 2016’s Thanos Wins, Frank Castle died. Those who read the Thanos Annuals would have discovered that Castle makes his way to the afterlife and his Cosmic Ghost Rider story begins in Valhalla, with lots of beer!

Are you a Ghost Rider fan? Excited to see how Frank Castle fares as the spirit of vengeance? Let us know in the comments!

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