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ILife A4 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg August 16, 2016
iLife A4 robot

As most of our followers know I am a lazy geek. I try to get the gumption to get up and about, but after about 15 hours into No Man’s Sky last thing I want to get up and do is sweep the floor. Hello my new favorite little pet….the ILife A4 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Our friends over at GearBest heard about my laziness and came to the rescue by sending me the robot to help. My friend told me that this Dyson vacuum cleaner is the ultimate beast but we really wanted a robotic vacuum. Most decide against it due to the heavy cost but others say no due to bad reviews they have heard from friends or even worse…the internet. I have seen some of these vacuums reach upwards of $400 but there are some that are much less expensive options available. For that price I can handle some crumbs on the floor, or maybe even get up and clean it myself. GearBest knows these issues and that’s why at under $200 (at time of writing on discount for $130.69) you cannot go wrong here.

iLife A4 robot

So let’s be clear about what my floors handle on any given day. I have three cats…they have hair, I have a 65lbs American Bulldog that has these little splinter like white hairs that seem to stick to everything, I also have two little girls…they have hair, and then there is my wife who somehow has the ability to lose all her hair every single day and wake up with a full head of hair again…at least that is what it looks like on the floors and drains. Between animals, kids, and crumbs my floors are a wreck MULTIPLE times a day. The whole first floor of my house is all wood laminate flooring so every ounce of anything shows up. Now with all of that said I have been very skeptical about anything as I would not see a little robot being able to handle this chore. Boy, was I wrong.

Upon opening, I let (Steve) that is what my daughter named it, charge for about two hours on its base station. I grabbed the remote (yes there is a remote) and hit clean. I sat back, ready to help this little guy out of the tight spots under the table. Not only did it not get stuck but cleaned the whole kitchen, went into the playroom and did that floor, then went all the way around through the hallway making a full circle of cleaned goodness and back to its base. Now this course took about two hours total and covered almost 750 sq feet. I of course had thrown a little crumage on the ground seeing if the robotic vacuum would handle it….


Upon inspecting the floor after the first cleaning I could not believe how awesome the ILife A4 did on my floors. It handled all of the hair and the crumbs from the daughters’ dinner and all of the pet hair from the day. I opened up the debris catcher and although I make jokes about my floor (which really does not look that bad) I could not believe it WAS FULL OF STUFF. I mean FULL. From there on I was a believer in Steve. I could not wait to show my wife when she woke up. Upon her awakening I not only showed her the cleaning damage but decided to run the vacuum again. Over the course of the night and the morning….the catcher was filled with a little less stuff but still cleaned a ton more.

Check out our Facebook live video we did while it was cleaning:

After a month of having Steve the ILife A4 has become part of the family. My daughter cleans up for him every night so he can get his food (that’s what we call it cleaning) and we run it twice a day and it has not failed us once. One thing I will tell you is make sure that you pick up the robot and pull any long hairs out of the brushes that might cause it to get stuck or over-heat. For those of you wondering we do have two rugs in the kids playroom and Steve handles it with no issues. The A4 has quite a few features as well, like being able to spot clean or just do edges. It handles obstacles well and 99% of the time has found its way back to the base station.

iLife A4 upside down

I would say compared to some of the more expensive vacuum robots out there this has to be the best that I have tried. Good thing is it is a fraction of the cost. I can say wow and that my family and I love it and have recommended it a million times when we have guest or kids parties. Special big shout out to one of our favorite electronics manufacturer GearBest for coming to the rescue for our household chores! Hit the link here to go grab yours now and put that damn broom away already!

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