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Did You Catch These ‘Infinity War’ References and Easter Eggs?

written by Iris May 7, 2018
Thor and Rocket in Avengers: Infinity war

If you haven’t watched the Avengers: Infinity War but intend to do so, then a word of warning: this article contains a lot of spoilers. Now, I watched this Marvel masterpiece a total of two times. I’m currently waiting a week to pass so that I can watch it a third time. It was honestly an emotional rollercoaster and has been ranked at the top of my MCU list.

Let’s start from the very beginning…

1. The Asgardian Ship from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

The movie begins pretty much where Thor: Ragnarok left off. I say “pretty much” because the ship is in shambles. The Asgardian ship sent a distress call (later answered by the Guardians of the Galaxy) as Thanos boarded the ship. If the Asgardian voice sending the signal sounded familiar to you, that’s because it was actor-director Kenneth Branagh (director of the first Thor movie).

2. We Have a Hulk

Remember that one iconic line in the first Avengers, where Loki smugly said, “I have an army,” and Tony responded with, “We have a Hulk”?  The line is a callback to that one and was expressed just as awesomely, with the only difference being that Hulk ended up losing and sulking for the whole movie.

3. No Resurrection This Time

This is yet another callback to Loki’s previous antics. Do you recall that one time he died in Thor: The Dark World? Or the time he fell into the abyss of the universe and we never thought we’d see him again?

4. Hulk Took the Place of the Silver Surfer

When Banner/Hulk was sent to earth with Heimdall’s help, he crash-landed on Doctor Strange‘s Sanctum Sanctorum. This particular scene is a reference to the comic books, where the Silver Surfer crash-landed in the same building to warn Strange of the oncoming threat.

silver surfer warning dr. strange in comic

5. Cauldron of the Cosmos

In the movie, Stark leaned on the Cauldron of the Cosmos, earning himself a slap from Doctor Strange. The cauldron is a reference to the Doctor Strange comics, where Strange uses it to look into the past!

6. Rubberband Man

When the scene cut to the Guardians, the song changed to “Rubberband Man” by The Spinners. This track is a reference to Yondu’s Zune, given to Peter (Star-Lord), after his death in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

7. Groot’s Gaming Addiction

While everything around them goes to hell, the only thing we can count on is Groot ignoring everyone and playing the arcade game Defenders. This could (also) be a reference to Marvel’s Defenders!

8. Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek

After Thor was saved by the Guardians, he confessed that half of his people were slaughtered. However, given the fact that we didn’t see Valkyrie, Korg, or Miek, we could assume that they are the ones who potentially led the rest of the Asgardians to safety.

9. Captain America’s Look

It’s been two years since Captain America: Civil War, and Cap looks a bit different. From his new beard to the change in his suit’s color and the disappearance of the white star, Rogers resembles the Nomad part of himself, as he would look in the comics. However, if you look closely at his suit, the tears on it reveal that he is still wearing his old suit underneath!

captain america and black widow in infinity war

10. Waldoes

When Tony exploded half of the ship whilst trying to save Doctor Stange, Peter (Spider-Man) discovered that his suit had a lot of stuff he had yet to discover, like the waldoes! The waldoes are a reference to the Civil War comics. Moreover, we can hear Peter shout, “What are those?” in reference to Shuri’s phrase in Black Panther!

11. Rocket’s Interest in Stolen Body Parts

It’s no secret that Rocket has an obsession with parts. From Guardians of the Galaxy, where he stole that poor man’s leg, to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where baby Groot handed him an eye. His obsession continued as we saw him ask Bucky for his gun and arm, possibly already planning ways to disassemble the White Wolf (or Winter Soldier). In Infinity War, he also handed Thor an eye he stole when they were making their way to Nidavellir.

12. Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker, the hammer forged by Eitri (and a little bit by Groot), is yet another reference to the Marvel comics. That’s the name of the weapon carried by Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray Bill’s statue can also be found in Sakaar. Moreover, Eitri mentioned that the hammer was supposed to have the power to summon the Bifrost on its own, something that does happen only moments later. It ends up being the most badass part of the movie. Hands down.

Avengers: Infinity War - Thor raising Stormbreaker in Nidavellir

13. Red Skull

Red Skull was the villain in the first Captain America movie and was played by Hugo Weaving. However, he wasn’t played by Weaving in Infinity War, but by actor Ross Marquand. Also, Red Skull’s appearance at the beginning of the scene looked like a reference to Thanos’s lover, Mistress Death from the Infinity Gauntlet comics. Red Skull explained to Thanos and Gamora that he once tried to harness the power of the Space Stone, but was deemed unworthy. He was sucked into the cosmos and had to serve as a keeper of the Soul Stone from then on.

Red Skull also mentioned A’Lars, an eternal in the Marvel comics and Thanos’ father.

14. Dust and Blood

When the battle on Wakanda began, T’Challa (Black Panther), said:

Thanos will have nothing but Dust and Blood.

While he may not have known it yet, that’s exactly what happened the end of the movie, as he and half of the universe vanished into dust.

15. Captain America and Black Panther Side by Side

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, there’s an iconic scene where Captain America chased after the Black Panther, who was chasing the Winter Soldier. They also fought one-on-one in the iconic airport battle scene. In Avengers: Infinity War,  Rogers and T’Challa ran into the battle together, giving us the satisfaction of finally seeing them cooperate!

16. “Mr. Stark, I Don’t Feel so Good”

We saw most of the characters in the movie look confused, if not worried, when their bodies began disappearing and turning into dust. However, amongst all of them, only Peter recognized that something is really, truly wrong. That’s due to his Spidey-sense, which allows him to feel when danger is near. Peter’s death could truly be marked as one of the most devastating ones.

What did you think of ‘Infinity War’? Did you find any other easter eggs or references? Let us know in the comments!


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