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Legendary Pictures Announces Live Action ‘Gundam’ Movie

written by Liz July 6, 2018

Gundam has been around since 1979. It has spawned video games, models, manga, animated movies and a TV series. It has sparked spin-offs and imitators but has remained one of the most popular Mecha anime since its debut. Now, Legendary Pictures and Sunrise INC announced at Anime Expo 2018, Gundam will be getting a live action movie.

With this history of Gundam being so long and involved, it is not yet known what this movie is going to focus on. The original Gundam anime focused on a war of independence. With the Earth overpopulated, people moved to space colonies and the war of independence inevitably follows with the main cast of character piloting giant robots known as mobile suits.

GundamFans have been talking about a live-action Gundam movie for quite some time. That talk was kicked up even more when RX-78-2, one of the mobile suits from the original show, was in the movie Ready Player One. It was chosen for the final battle of the movie by Daito, one of the main characters friends.

This will not be Legendary Pictures’ first time animating giant robots. They got plenty of experience with both of the Pacific Rim movies under their belts. Cale Boyter, one of the producers for Pacific Rim: Uprising is going to be overseeing the project, along with Sunrise INC. Legendary has also had a hand in other big name Japanese products. They are helming both Godzilla: King of Monsters (May 2019) and Godzilla vs. King Kong (May 2020).

The plot, is of course, under wraps and the announcement is only a few hours hold, so there is bound to be a great deal of speculation about what will happen in the movie and who the characters will be. With over 30 years of history to choose from it seems like the writers wont have too difficult of a time finding material to work with.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated. What are you looking forward to seeing? Do you have a favorite series? Have you watched the original or did you just jump into the most recent? Let us know in the comments!

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