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Michael Bolton Reacts To His Name Being Dropped In Songs With Very Michael Bolton Results (VIDEO)

written by Michael Haase March 10, 2017
Michael Bolton wearing headphones

Michael Bolton has been “Name Dropped” a lot.

Michael Bolton is known for his unique voice, which has sold millions of albums for him. More recently, however, he has been the source of many jokes, and perhaps Office Space is to blame, since many know him less for his singing and more for being called a “no talent ass clown” in the film.

Nevertheless, Michael Bolton seems to take being made fun of in stride. He even went as far as teaming up with the Lonely Island in order to make a song called “Jack Sparrow,” in which he is once again a bit of a punchline. After that, I thought he kind of faded away. I’ve heard his name dropped in several artists’ songs, and it’s usually to make fun of him. It seemed that was how Michael Bolton would live on.

But now he’s back. Pitchfork has started a new series with The Scene called “Name Dropped,” in which artists listen to the parts of songs in which they are mentioned and share their reactions. Michael Bolton is their first guest/victim, and the result is hilarious.

So who’s next?

I like the idea of this series. Watching Michael Bolton’s very fatherly reactions to the music and lyrics is priceless. It makes me wonder who will be the next to step up to the headphones and see what other people are singing about them. Mick Jagger has to be on the list…perhaps Stevie Wonder or Spike Lee?

Until then, we all get to enjoy watching the wonderfully confused expressions of Michael Bolton’s face as he’s trying to figure out how he had anything to do with any of these songs. My favorite quote from the video that displays his confusion:

I guess he thinks it’s a good thing that caucasians love him like they love me.

Everyone loves you, Michael Bolton. Don’t change, especially when you’re dressing like Jack Sparrow and singing with Andy Samberg.

Michael Bolton dressed as a pirate

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