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Tenacious D Is Back With Two Big Announcements

written by Christina Ortega Phillips May 20, 2018
Tenacious D

It has been about six years since their last album and about twice as long as that since their first movie. And now, after all this time, Tenacious D has graced fans with two exciting pieces of news: a movie sequel is in the works and, after that is released, they will be touring. And these both will happen this calendar year!

Who is Tenacious D, some may ask? Only the best comedy rock band of our time! The two most well-known members are Jack Black (who is also an actor, known for School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and Goosebumps, to name a few) who is Tenacious D’s lead vocalist and guitarist while Kyle Gass is the lead acoustic guitarist, though some may recognize Gass as Phoebe’s mugger friend Lowell (Friends). No? Just me? Okay then, moving on. There are, of course, other members when Tenacious De plays a “full band” show.

Back in 2006, Black and Gass starred together in Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny which focused on two wannabe rockers who wanted to become the greatest band of all time. Their desire took them on a quest to find the Pick of Destiny, a legendary guitar pick that gives the one who holds it awesome guitar skills!

Tenacious D members Kyle Gass and Jack Black performing

Now, after a dozen years, we are finally getting a sequel! At the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, Jack Black told the audience that there would be a sequel to the 2006 film out in October of this year. He said,

I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out.”


Other than the film being out in October, there is no other information yet as to what the plot of the sequel will be.

If you’re not a fan of their movie but do enjoy their music, Jack Black has announced on Twitter that they are going back on tour:

It has been about five years since their last tour. You can go to their website to check out when and if they will be in your area. General ticket sales began May 18th.

What is your favorite Tenacious D song? How excited are you for the sequel? Tell us in the comments!

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