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New ‘Kick-Ass’ Movies and A Lot More From Matthew Vaughn

written by Nick Allen June 11, 2018

Excellent news if you’re a fan of Matthew Vaughn (or a fan of just plain fun films in general)! The director of Kick-Ass and the Kingsman movies is starting his own studio and he’s got big plans for it. In a recent interview, Vaughn revealed his brand-new Marv Studios has several exciting projects in the works. Get ready, because this could be good!

More ‘Kick-Ass’, Please

First of all, it looks like Kick-Ass is getting a reboot. This may seem a little soon, but stick with me here. The first film was great. Further, it was well-received and developed a bit of a cult following. This was way back in 2010, though. A sequel followed that was significantly worse in quality. I know I saw it but, honestly I don’t remember it at all. Now, it has been over five years since Kick-Ass 2. Matthew Vaughn seems to think enough nostalgia has grown around the original film to warrant a reboot. I agree with him.

Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy in Matthew Vaughn's 'Kick-Ass'

‘Kick-Ass’ was one of the most fun, ridiculous movies of the last decade. And Nic Cage (as Big Daddy) was one of the best parts.

It’s also worth noting that any new Kick-Ass movies or projects wouldn’t be simple rehashes of the original film. In the interview, Vaughn hints at some very interesting ideas. He raised the possibility of a Hit-Girl standalone film. Personally, I’d love to see a Hit-Girl prequel, telling the story of how she learned to kick ass with Big Daddy. It could be excellent, especially if Nic Cage is involved. Vaughn also hints that a Kick-Ass reboot could move in a similar direction as the comics. Currently, the comic version of Kick-Ass is actually an African-American single mother named Patience Lee, who bought the same wetsuit/costume as Dave and chose to continue his legacy. I’d be very interested to see her story on the big screen.

More ‘Kingsman’ Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Channing Tatum and Halle Berry in Matthew Vaughn's 'Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle'

Would you want to see a ‘Statesman’ film centered on these two? Well, one’s coming!

A third Kingsman movie is on its way, which will apparently conclude the story of Eggsy (Taron Egerton). I like the idea the character having his own trilogy, a beginning, middle, and end. That’s not all, though. Vaughn also has a Kingsman spinoff planned, which will shoot back-to-back with the third movie. The spinoff will detail the early years of the organization. And that’s STILL not all! Channing Tatum is set to star in yet another spinoff. This film will focus on the American counterpart to the Kingsman, the Statesman. Tatum, Halle Berry, and Jeff Bridges should be reprising their roles from The Golden Circle. Finally, Vaughn mentioned a Kingsman television series is also on its way. Is that enough Kingsman for you or what?

Other Matthew Vaughn Projects

Probably the most intriguing project, in my opinion, on the way from Marv studios is a Sir Elton John biopic. Taron Egerton will star in the film, entitled Rocketman. According to Vaughn, this will be a biopic unlike any we have seen in recent years. He says it will be full of “drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll”. Vaughn also described it as an “R-rated musical.” If that’s not intriguing to you, you probably don’t have a pulse. Vaughn and Marv Studios will co-produce the project. I think it’s safe to say that the newly-christened Marv Studios already has a lot on its plate. It’s ambitious, but it’s clear that Matthew Vaughn has a vision for his studio. If they move forward with these projects with the same enthusiasm that always permeates his movies, I think Marv Studios could be a major force in Hollywood. At the very least, I know I’ll be showing up for all of these.

What’s your favorite movie from Matthew Vaughn? Are you excited for more Kick-Ass and Kingsman movies? Let us know in the comments!

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