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Get Immersed In Danger And Sorcery With ‘The Magic Order’

written by Laura Mechem June 3, 2018
close up of a hand with a wand and a figure in the background in The Magic Order

June 13 sees the release of the long anticipated comic book from Netflix and Mark Millar, The Magic Order, and they’ve just dropped a new trailer for Mark Millar and comic fans everywhere. The comic will be released across 6 issues.

What is ‘The Magic Order’ about?

The Magic Order feels like the love child of Harry Potter, Dr Strange and Kick-Ass (another of Millar’s creations), being raised by the Mafia. The comic is set around five families of magicians, sworn to protect the world at all costs. By day they are friends, family and colleagues. By night they are sorcerers, magicians and wizards. Their purpose is to protect the world from the forces of darkness that surround it. However, they can’t protect others when they can’t even protect themselves. An enemy is picking them off one by one.

So what’s in the trailer?

The trailer begins to reveal more of the gritty world in which the comic book is set. The art work, courtesy of Marvel artist Olivier Coipel, feels reminiscent of the Kick-Ass style, but darker and more edgy. It’s more ‘comic book’ than Millar’s Old Man Loganyet seems to fit the tone. The trailer shows an elderly lady wielding a handgun, a child bearing a butcher’s knife among high speed car chases, a bit of wand snapping and the sentiment ‘Who will protect them?’

Comic book page from Mark Millar's The Magic Order showing an old lady weilding a gun on stage with a magician

So Netflix is doing comics now?

Yes, in a sense. Netflix acquired Mark Millar’s Millarworld in August 2017. It is Netflix’s first and only acquisition of another company and it has a purpose. Netflix want to develop Millar’s comics into TV and film and they will have a long history of comics to work with: Kick-Ass, Old Man Logan and Kingsman to name just a few. Millar is continuing to bring us new comic stories, releasing them under the banner of Netflix. It seems like a perfect arrangement.

Grab your copy in comic stores on June 13 or click the following to pre-order for Kindle on Amazon:

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Watch the trailer here:

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