Home Gadgets We’re up all night to get Bucky. Bucky balls that is as they are once again legal as an Eagle in the USA!

We’re up all night to get Bucky. Bucky balls that is as they are once again legal as an Eagle in the USA!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. November 28, 2016

It's Bucky Balls


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about good old Bucky Balls, our long time favorite desktoy. Some of you geeks may not remember them but a few years ago they were the some of the most popular toys. They were itsy bitsy, teeny weeny rare earth magnets that were so powerful, you could do amazing sculptures with them. The levels fellow geeks went to with multi ball sets were mind blowing. I suppose you’re wondering what happened if they were so rad? As with all things great, the government got involved and banned them, for the “greater good”.

It's a statue

Way back when the earth was young and Bucky Balls so much fun, some kids decided that the really smart thing to do would be to swallow the Balls. Now, I’m not sure if you’re acquainted with the magic of powerful and small rare earth magnets but you do not want to be fragile, soft, internal tissue trapped between them. The magnets shredded the children’s insides, causing serious harm and in a few cases, death. At this point we could go on and on about who’s fault it was or wasn’t, Darwin Awards, etc but changes were made to the packaging of all small, rare earth magnets – not just Bucky Balls – to make sure parents and general adults knew these should not be in the hands of young ones.

The reactive measures of the makers and resellers weren’t enough for the Consumer Product Safety Commission as they started to poke around into the rare earth magnet market. They aggressively targeted all manufacturers and sellers of the desktoys or educational toys as they were also known as. Soon it came down just to Bucky Balls and the CPSC. Bucky put up a hell of a fight, marketing the internet like crazy, trying to drum up public support. While they gained a huge swell of public opinion on their side, when it comes to the government, you generally lose. With a saddened sigh, many of us cried as Bucky Balls and all small, rare earth magnets were effectively banned from sale here in the States. A public recall was issued but most of us chose to keep our preciouses instead, thinking we were closing the book on a hero’s journey.

However, just like in the comics, heroes never stay dead because Bucky Balls are back baby! Thanks to an Appellate Court ruling, the ban has been overturned and sales can once again resume of the wonderful toys. Like the Musketeers, we can pull our tunics and swords back out without fear of reprisal. The planet can once again revolve around the sun. Birds may chirp forever more. It’s a great day for the little guy in case you were wondering.

It's a statue

What the crux of the problem was was how the CPSC went about their data gathering, forecasting and trending to come to their dark foreboding that the magnets and Bucky Balls were a dire pox upon the American people. While the judge may not have completely agreed with everything, there was enough there to warrant the reversal and subsequent lift of the ban. It’s still not over as the CPSC can still appeal, making this a ridiculous waste of time and money.

Now that they’re back geeks, are you going to buy some new Bucky Balls to celebrate? The new site is live and they are taking orders for Christmas. Treat yo’self fools! I have the Buckcubes personally that I refused to send back, I’m thinking of buying the new kit just to show them I’m glad they’re back. Viva la freedom!

Source: BuckyBalls