Saturday , 25 February 2017

Chad "LoganDX" G.

A bit on the nuts side about video games and movies but boy do I suck at FPS'. Love my Xbox but still crush some Playstation. Run the Sarcasm Marathon, fluent in it. Would kill for a decent Zelda movie.

Deadpool and Suicide Squad walk into a bar but Squad gets the Oscar nom?

It's Deadpool and Harley

Well geeks and geekettes, the Academy Awards, aka Oscar, nominations went out today. Mostly I ignore them and the ceremony itself because the movies they usually present up there in their stuffy designer dresses with double sided tape and socks stuffed in their shorts are droll disasters. Plus most of those movies have been seen by the population of a …

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Zen Studios wins again with their Women of Power tables for Pinball FX!

We keep it as no surprise that we love Zen StudiosĀ and their dedication to the virtual Pinball game they’ve mastered. They put so much love into their work and each subsequent table they put out is better and better. Each licensed property is given the fan service that most developers don’t do. Has Zen done it again with their Women …

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Samsung may stop you from using that Note 7 for you.

It's a Burnt Note 7

If by now you haven’t turned off that brand new Samsung Note 7 and gone for the replacement deal, what are you doing? Don’t be that guy, ok? There’s no need to run the risk of catching yourself on fire or worse. The thing is Samsung might have a way to kick your butt out of using it by the …

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