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Why I prefer the LGG6 over the Samsung S8 and others

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg July 3, 2017

In a world of ever-changing phones, sometimes amazing ones can slip through the cracks or be overshadowed by huge marketing budgets from other companies. This is how I felt after my two months with the LGG6.

After playing with the LGG5 I did not have high hopes for the LGG6 I was curious what half-baked ideas or connections LG would throw at us this time. I was happy to see upon opening, LG went back to the drawing board and made a phone that immediately felt amazing and durable. With all of the bending, slidey and edged screens it was nice to feel the chunky, blockiness and sexiness right out of the box.

Since the launch of the LGG6 I have had the chance to use other flagship devices like the Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus and the HTC U11. Of course while still playing with my iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Over the course of the two months that we have had the LGG6 in the house I have found myself carrying it more than any other device I have in the geek stable. I would put that up to a few wonderfully simple things about the G6.

First is the size. Coming in with a 5.7″ screen, and extremely small bezels, I feel like it just fits well in my hand. The G6 is rocking 80% screen and with the blocky screen I don’t have any weird edges or shapes that I have to work around. Don’t get me wrong I really like the look and feel of a few of the phones (S8) that are taking advantage of the curved screen. I also feel like it is something novelty that wears off after using the phone for a while. The shape and feel of the G6 just screams tough. I would have liked to see an AMOLED display as most people would but the super bright LED looks great. 

No fancy clip on items with the G6. They sealed this one up for a reason. With the sealed back we now have fast wireless charging and IP68 meaning that you have about 30 minutes and up to 3 feet of water play (does not mean waterproof). This is the most common water rating on phones these days like the Samsung S8 and the Samsung S8+.

You also have full MIL-STD-810G military rating for drops with a built-in internal plate to spread the effects of the drop and rounded corners and aluminum frame around the edges. I would still be careful because looks like we are lacking Gorilla Glass 5 in this model.

LG has always been one of my favorites when it came to cameras and the G6 is not letting me down in that department either. With the two camera back you have your standard 13MP shooter and then my favorite the 13MP Ultra-Wide lens. this was one of my favorite features about LG’s last model the LGV20. With this camera you can really take some great shots and fit so much in the picture. Check out the two differences below. Cameras work great but with the Ultra-Wide you will want to have some light as it does not hold up to well in low light.

4K vido recording and all of the recording and photography features you can imagine for you pros out there. I actually did a few of our YouTube videos recording on nothing else but the LGG6 and it looks and sounded amazing. For those of you with lots of pics or videos the G6 is still using the SD expansion slot as well.

The G6 is also sporting a USB Type-C charging port (most phones are these days) which helps with fast charging and data transfer. The buttons are clicking and stick out just the right amount. One thing I would like to see is dual speakers as the speaker is that down firing speaker that is so easy to cover up while playing games or watching video. Based on which color you go with you might need something for finger prints as well (I am using one from dbrand on this phone).

LGG6 vs Samsung S8+


All in all we have a great device with a familiar but wonderful shape. A new screen size that makes the phone look like all screen and toughness to go with it. Throw in wireless charging and IP68 water resistance and you have a phone that really has everything you could ask for in a flagship device.

With huge budgets and worldwide insane marketing the LGG6 might be the best phone you never use. If you are in the market I would stop what you are doing no matter what your sales rep is saying…ask to see the LGG6 and put it through the test. I for one love this phone. I feel like LG let the other guys worry about new and crazy features and took great features that we need and made them better…

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