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Batman’s No Longer in Gotham; Now He’s Stopping Clowns in the UK

written by Matt Styron October 12, 2016
Batman holding Jack Nicholson's Joker by the collar

Batman holding Jack Nicholson's Joker by the collarFor those of you posting memes requesting Batman to protect us from clowns or villains running for political office, you’re getting your wish. Well, with one of these things, at least.  According to BBC Cumbria’s Facebook page, the World’s Greatest Detective has started making an appearance in the Cumbria County area as a deterrent to the recent clown sightings.

This Batman is a part of an organization in the Cumbria, UK area known as the Cumbria Superheroes, which offers no mission statement on their Facebook page.  A Facebook post made by the group asks parents to reassure their children of their safety. The same post includes a video of the Caped Crusader promising that he is taking care of the clowns.

When it comes to the stopping of evil clowns, it is no wonder that the person who is currently donning the Batman’s cowl chose him specifically; The Dark Knight has been in an endless battle with his arch nemesis The Joker since as early as 1939 when he was first introduced.

Batman’s history with clowns notwithstanding, the clown sightings in Cumbria County are no joke; around 19 incidents were reported on the night of October 10 alone.  Some of the reports even stated that people were chased by the clowns, which has caught the attention of police in the area.  This is all a part of the growing trend that is also continuing in the United States.

It is not mentioned how many people are part of the Cumbria Superheroes, or if we will be seeing any more of them in the future to ward off these clowns.  One thing is for certain though; Cumbria county is going to need a bat signal to summon Batman when one of these jokers shows up.

Bruce Wayne unfortunately was not available to comment.

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