Saturday , 21 January 2017

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Dwayne Johnson Will Now Star in His Own Black Adam Movie and Shazam!

SHAZAM! Two new movies have been created! A new chapter has been written in the saga of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the villain Black Adam in a feature film of the former Captain Marvel, Shazam. Originally slated to play the character in a Shazam movie that would be featured in the DC Extended Universe, Shazam! will now become two …

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Maisie Williams Teases Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones: Winter is here Season 7 of HBO’s most popular show, Game of Thrones, can’t get here soon enough. Not only are fans chomping at the bit to see what the fate of Westeros is going to be, but the cast is excited for the upcoming season too. Maisie Williams/Arya Stark was asked on BBC’s The Radio 1 Breakfast …

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Is Another Live Action Attack on Titan Movie Coming?

The crew from Attack on Titan

Warner Brothers is looking to lock down the film rights to Attack on Titan Can Warner Brothers evade an infamous curse in Hollywood? No not the curse of making a movie adaptation of a video game, but rather adapting a manga/anime into a live action movie. A report from Deadline reports that WB will look to do just that, and …

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Avengers: Infinity War and Sequel Brings On Karen Gillan as Nebula

The siblings that try to kill each other are the closet! Its been confirmed by Karen Gillan herself that we will see more of Nebula in the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While discussing her upcoming feature-length film directorial debut, Tupperware Party on BBC News, she spoke about her role as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. We …

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James Cameron’s Science Fiction Documentary to Air on AMC

When one thinks of science fiction, James Cameron is almost certainly one name that will be thought of. The first two Terminator movies, Aliens, The Abyss, and the highest-grossing film of all time, Avatar, all beloved in one way or another within the genre and public conscious. Well Cameron’s next project is sci-fi focused, but it’s coming to television. AMC …

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X-Force and More to be Set Up in Deadpool 2 Says Writers

While it appears that the main X-Men team heading a little more towards television lately, their presence will still very much be felt on film with Logan in a couple of months, New Mutants gearing up, and of course the much awaited, Deadpool 2. Though it seems the eagerly anticipated sequel might be helping to lay some ground for another …

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Sherlock: Have We Indeed Witnessed the Final Problem?

Sherlock looks concerned.

Steven Moffat speaks on whether we’ve seen the last of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson Sherlock season 4 has already ended. Have we seen the last of the world’s greatest detective? That remains uncertain. Sherlock showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were recently interviewed by Deadline and had a few interesting tidbits to say about whether The Final Problem …

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Amazon launches new streaming anime service Anime Strike

To all of you anime geeks out there, you know have a new way to watch some of your favorites. On Thursday, Amazon launched their new anime streaming service, Anime Strike, to its Prime members. The service launched with over 1,000 titles and Amazon promises to update every week. While Anime Strike is a part of Amazon’s Prime service, there …

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie Props Up for Auction!

Resident Evil the Final Chapter movie poster with Milla Jovovich

Step right up! Step right up and bid on hundreds of genuine movie props from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter! On January 28, a day before the movie’s US premiere, a live auction will be held in El Segundo, CA. You can bid in person, online, or even on the phone like in that one Red Violin movie, except this will be …

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How Many Episodes will the Last Game of Thrones Season Have?

Winter has finally come in Game of Thrones, but it will soon end. We know the time for the massive HBO hit is soon coming to a close with seasons seven and eight, but how many more episodes we have exactly aren’t so certain any more. Season seven, which has recently wrapped up filming, will consist of seven episodes and …

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