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Hyped Up for Black Panther Part 2 A.K.A. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

written by Quinzel Lee May 4, 2018
fan reaction to Black Panther in Avengers

Yes, yes, I understand that Avengers: Infinity War is not Black Panther Part 2. Take a joke. Even though there aren’t enough Black Panther scenes in Avengers: Infinity War to even joke about it being a sequel, you can’t deny that Black Panther fans are flocking to the theaters to see more of their favorite Wakandians. Ticket sales of Black Panther were, let’s just say, super duper high. It even attracted fans that weren’t familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or comics at all.

black panther twitter reaction to wanting a black panther part 2 movie

I like to listen to The Read podcast. The podcast is hosted by Kid Fury, a fellow nerd that takes no shit, and Crissle, who is very experienced in effectively telling people off. They come together to discuss the latest news in pop culture and current events. A few episodes ago, Kid Fury and Crissle discussed their excitement for Avengers: Infinity War because, of course, that means more Black Panther. Crissle, who is a major fan of Black Panther but very new to the comic scene, sheepishly asked, “Who is Thanos?” She even confused Bucky for Iron Man, and she and Kid Fury have a good laugh about it.

Now, before you say, “How could she possibly not know that!” I’m gonna need you to cut her some slack. She often talks about her conservative Midwestern childhood which did not allow her to be exposed to anything that wasn’t church-related. She had to discover geek culture late in life. So while you avid comic fans may be frustrated with her lack of knowledge, it actually puts a smile on my face to see yet another person brought to the comic world by Black Panther.

There are so many people who are excited to see their favorite Black Panther characters hit the silver screen again. I’m sure there is an actual Black Panther sequel in the works, but for now, we’re taking Avengers: Infinity War and calling it Black Panther Part 2.

For the folks watching Avengers: Infinity War who are only here for Black Panther, first of all, welcome. Second of all, you are gonna be lost without a little context. Without spoiling the movie, here’s what you need to know: Purple guy is bad and Avengers gotta avenge.

What are you guys most excited to see from the Black Panther characters in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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