Saturday , 25 February 2017


This Psylocke Cosplay is Amazing!

Psylocke cosplay

This cosplayer, known as Boobafett, also takes part of a podcast that discusses comics, cosplay, and convention news. If you want to see more of this amazing cosplayer, check out her official Facebook page, her Twitter, and Instagram.

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Morrigan comes to life with this amazing Dragon Age cosplay!

The world of cosplay – it’s a magical world filled with talented craftsmen and women bringing characters from beloved fictional realms to life. Maria Hanna is one of those amazing artisans and she KILLED it with her amazing rendition of Morrigan from the latest installment of the Dragon Age series – Dragon Age Inquisition. Morrigan was first introduced to the world …

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This Gundam Cosplay is Also Fully Functioning Snowboarding Gear

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like your cosplay and/or snowboarding skills were sub-par, now’s the time. Cosplayer/snowboarder nama_gundam puts us all to shame by combining the two hobbies flawlessly: ガンダムの動画です。 先に言い訳させてっ(;つД`) 撮ってるの知らなかったから、かなりぬる~い滑りしてます。 — 生ガンダム@31日はジャム勝出撃 (@nama_gundam) January 20, 2016

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Japan takes cosplay to a new level!

Okay so technically it’s not cosplay when it’s an animatronic doll based upon Android 18 but we’re swinging for the fences here. It still looks amazing and worth a look see. Check out the pics below.

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