Monday , 27 February 2017


Shima by LaForge Better Than Google Glass? You Decide

Shima Augmented Reality glasses

Finally, someone came up with an augmented reality solution that doesn’t make you look like a dorky cyborg. Shima look like ordinary glasses except for a tiny, barely visible, hi-tech gizmo that projects a heads-up display. You can see your text messages, keep track of your steps/ calories burned, and even follow gps directions. All without ever looking at your …

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3D Print your own Deus Ex Prosthetic

Personal prosthetics

A UK company called Open Bionics is teaming up with Eidos to offer 3D printable Deus Ex style prosthetics. Open Bionics has already done a lot to improve the design and affordability of prosthetics. The company’s co-founder Joel Gibbard has been fascinated by bionics since he was 17, and made creating a economical bionic hand the subject of his final …

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Mega Man finally gets the Funko Pop treatment!

It's Funko

The Blue Bomber is seeing somewhat of a resurgence lately. He’s getting a new, albeit odd looking, animated series, he has a spiritual successor of a video game coming soon in Mighty No 9 and now, now he’s getting his own series of Funko Pops. Funko Pops are the collectible to have if you’re any type of a collector. Sure, …

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Mophie releases an iPhone battery case with wireless charging

Mophie Charge Force

Mophie is known for being one of the leaders when it comes to battery cases for phones and tech. Mophie has just announced they are taking their cases to the next step and introducing wireless charging to a new line of cases named Charge Force. These juice packs will come with a magnetic base that will hold the phone in …

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Preset Chess – no more lost pieces

Preset Chess

Preset chess would have been a great travel set when I was a kid. Suggesting a game would have been so much more successful without having to remember where all the pieces go before you can start. This ingenious invention uses another of my favorite things ever as a kid, magnets, to hold the pieces on the board, and also …

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Understand everyone with the Pilot Translator

The Pilot is available in 3 colors

The Pilot in-ear translator lets you hear English when the person talking to you is speaking French, Spanish or Italian, and lets them hear their own language back. I think that’s amazing. It’s not quite on par with a Star Trek universal translator, or even a Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the books, not the unfortunately disappointing …

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Dark Sky now available for Android

It is about damn time…Yes that’s right Dark Sky (one of the top weather app for Apple users) has finally hit the Google Play Store. When using my iPhone I adore Dark Sky and immediately jumped on board with my Android devices. Dark Sky is known for its notifications letting you know down to exacts on when weather is starting …

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 10 Series Announced

On Friday May 6th, Nvidia announced their newest line of graphics cards: the Geforce GTX 10 series. This new line features Nvidias’ first consumer graphics application of their new Pascal architecture that has drastically reduced power requirements from its prior editions. The first two cards discussed for this new line are the GTX 1080 and 1070, each with their own …

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The plug that will reset your router

Reset Plug

When the internet goes down, again, we usually find that all we need to do is reset the router. Sounds simple enough, but then you have to get down on your hands and knees to fish the router out from the tangle of wires behind your desk. It’s particularly frustrating when you’re helping that friend or relative that doesn’t know …

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E-Blue Auroza X1 Gaming Chair REVIEW

As a gamer I am on the constant lookout for the best way to comfort my ass through the long stints of gaming.┬áThere is nothing worse than getting into a heavy online match and one of my butt-cheeks go to sleep or my back starts to cramp up. Come to find out, this mostly has been due to the chair …

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