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I Bought Destiny 2 For The Price of A Coffee. Instant Regret.

written by Damian Gordon July 18, 2018
Destiny 2 gameplay
It’s hard to believe I bought Destiny 2 for the price of a morning pick-me-up, only for hours later to never want to pick it up again. Destiny 2 is a repetitive grind of a game and one big advertisement for locked content that I can never get my money back from.
Best Buy has been trying to get rid of not only Destiny 2 but also Battlefront 2 for months now. Mostly due to people staying away like the plague after the initial release from loot box scandals and dirty design mechanics.
XP throttling and being blocked out of content once accessible in the base game when the DLC hit is only the tip of the iceberg. Destiny 2 has a longer rap sheet than Shug Knight and I still gave it a chance because you “can’t go wrong for a couple bucks.”
For between $4 to $8, there’s no way any game can’t be worth that price. Oh boy was I wrong, I felt like a worker in a coal mine just hitting away till it was time to clock out. I bought the game recently and here’s my two cents.

Where’s The Content Hiding?

Destiny 2 shootout
The original Destiny was grindy too but there was fun to be had my 100 or so hours. I’ve been told Destiny 2 gets better in the late-game but no one playing a game should have to hunt for the fun. Don’t play hard to get, Destiny 2, I already bought you. Just give me the goods.
I was actually excited to buy the season pass because I thought I got a great game for a steal. Nope. A lesson that I learned as a kid hit me like a swing from Mayweather. That lesson is the reason there was a wall full of Zune’s in the store is the same for Destiny 2. They’re trash.
The Forsaken expansion is around the corner and my pockets were itching to buy it. After days of playing, my burning desire to buy the DLC turned to a burning desire to get rid of it.

The Warnings Were Always There For Destiny 2

Destiny 2 cutscene
Seeing players I know that worshiped the original Destiny for years, go back to it after 3 months of D2 being out was a hint. Seeing such a low price for a “hot” title was the second warning because those burritos under the sunlamp at 7-Eleven aren’t as hot and fresh as the window sticker says either.
Lastly, the way the Best Buy employee looked at me as I bought it should have tipped me off. They gave me that look someone gives when farting in an elevator and someone else enters. Unfortunately, this smell left the store and came home with me.
Red flags are all around us, it’s up to you whether or not to listen to them. It’s like white people in horror movies that see blood on the walls, hear death screams nearby and still go camping in the condemned cabin. Destiny 2 is my condemned cabin and it might be too late for me, but you still have a chance to play…well anything else.
Are you still playing Destiny 2? Am I crazy and need to quit gaming? Leave your comments below.

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