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Listening to Music Anywhere: The Top 3 MP3/Portable Music Players in Games

FAllout 4 PipBoy Music

Vast, Often Quiet World If there is one thing all open-world games have in common it’s that they always have a killer soundtrack. Skyrim‘s sweeping score heightens the sense of adventure, reinforcing your purpose as the Dragonborn. In a game like GTA V, the music often defines the area you’re in. If you hear booming electronica or a slow-jam, it’s always easy …

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Injustice 2 Story Trailer Debut, Brainiac and More Enter the Fray

Injustice 2 Superman in Chains

The first Injustice game told the story of a Superman gone mad with grief after the death of Lois Lane at his hands. Having been tricked by the Joker, who also destroys Metropolis, Superman is understandably angry. The once proud hero establishes a new world order and maintains peace with an iron fist.Things weren’t going so well in DC’s comic universe …

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Nintendo Switch Games Line-up: What You’ll be Playing in Its First Year

Switch Release Windows

There were a lot of games announced for Nintendo’s Switch during the presentation and the following days. We’ve already covered a few of the heavy hitters here at DHTG, but there are still plenty more. Many of the games shown off at the presentation and the subsequent Treehouse special didn’t have release dates attached to them. However, Nintendo has been kind enough …

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Video Game Voyeurism: When You’d Rather Watch Than Play

A Wolf Among Us Bigby watch

This all started with FIFA ’17. I’m not a huge fan of soccer, but I do watch the occasional Derby. Manchester City and Manchester United is my favorite rivalry. I know my De Geas from my Nobles, Rooney from Messi. By no means am I a savant, but I get the game of Footy. This casual interest in soccer—also a fan …

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Final Fantasy XV: Honoring the Name of Final Fantasy (DHTG Review)

Final Fantasy XV Complete

Living Up to the Fantasy The Final Fantasy series changed the way I saw video games forever – specifically Final Fantasy VI. Until I played Sqare Enix’s (then known as Squaresoft) massive RPG, games were just about jumping on the heads of my enemies and saving princesses. Well, that or decapitating my friends in Mortal Kombat. Until Final Fantasy, games were just a …

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‘Stardew Valley’ Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Month

Stardew Valley Title

Starting December 13th PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to see what all the fuss over Stardew Valley is about. Xbox One gamers will have to wait until the 14th to start the peaceful life of a farmer. Stardew Valley hit the PC in February of this year and is still receiving rave reviews in the Steam store. It’s worth noting that …

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Nintendo Switch – EA Jumps on Board With “Big Game”

Nintendo has vowed to remain silent on the subject of the Nintendo Switch, but that hasn’t stop developers like Electronic Arts from expressing their thoughts on the console. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco about the companies future with the big N. While avoiding specifics, Jorgensen mentioned that “a game or two” would be …

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