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Holy Notch Batman! Google Pixel 3 Photos Leaked

written by Dominic Gomez July 1, 2018
Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

Well, here we are. Not only does it look like the Google Pixel 3 XL will have a notch, it will have a MASSIVE notch. After covering the Oppo Find X, this comes as a pretty big disappointment. Oppo managed to come up with a phone that is almost all screen. True, they are one of the biggest in China, but they are not on the same scale as Google.

Front and back of the Pixel 3XL

Picture credit @OnLeaks (Twitter)

Instead of Google actually doing something exciting, they just followed suit. I’m going to rant a little here, mostly because Google has the funds to be able to do something really exciting and innovative with their lineup of phones. Not only are they just doing the same thing as everyone else, they are doing it ugly. They make fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack from their phones. Then what do they do? They remove it from the Pixel lineup. Not 3 years down the line, hoping everyone forgot, but the very next year. I don’t remember them ever formally mocking the notch, wouldn’t surprise me though. The people making these design approvals have to know people don’t like it though.

Front and back of the Pixel 3

Photo credit @OnLeaks (Twitter)

I will say this, the standard Pixel 3 actually looks decent. I think they could have shrunk those bezels a bit, but I’ll take it since it looks like it will have dual front-facing speakers. Since I’m somewhat talking about specs, those aren’t officially known yet. Although I’m sure there will be another ‘leak’ fairly soon that will release those. Until then I’ll give it a shot.

Front of the Pixel 3XL and Pixel 3

Picture credit @OnLeaks (Twitter)

I would expect both versions to have the Snapdragon 845, I seriously doubt the 850 will be out by the time this phone is released. They will also feature dual front cameras and a single rear camera. The fronts will probably be in the 10-12MP range, and the rear will most likely be around 16MP. I’m sure we’ll see another version of the animated emoji since everyone likes to copy. I would like to see a super slo-mo, but we’ll see. I like the rear placement of the fingerprint sensor, I think that’s the best placement. I’m sure the screen will be gorgeous, hopefully they’ll fix that blue tint issue that plagued the Pixel 2’s.

Since the release of the Oppo Find X, I really need to see something special from the manufacturers that release phones here in the States. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not overly excited about this phone. The Pixel 3 has my eye a bit, I’m a sucker for front-facing speakers. Just going off these pictures, what do you think about the possibility of this being the newest Pixel device? Sound off in the comments!

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