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What Is Android Go and Should You Even Care?

written by Dominic Gomez June 2, 2018
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Android Go is actually Android Oreo “Go Edition”. At its core, it is meant to give a smooth running experience to anyone that might not have the newest flagship phone. This could be a very good thing considering 1. You might not want to spend almost $1,000 on the newest, fanciest cell phone. Or 2. You might not be able to afford to spend that much money on a phone. Just because you don’t have the newest and most powerful phone doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a smooth Android experience.


Every smartphone on the market will advertise, for example, 32GB of storage. That’s great, but what they don’t account for in that number is the operating system (OS) takes up roughly 7GB of that space right off the bat. That means when you get a brand new phone before you start installing anything on it, you could have maybe 23 gigs of actual usable storage.

Android Oreo Go Edition is meant to be a much lighter OS. Apps optimized for Android Go will take up less space. Not only that, but the OS will take less space on your phone also. Basically, this means you will have to sacrifice some functionality to have a more lightweight app. I’m sure the core functionality will be untouched.

Data Usage

The majority of people that will be using Android Go phones will most likely be on a limited data plan. To help with this, Android Go has a “Data Saver” built in. This will allow you to monitor which apps use your data and when they can. This will help to keep rogue apps from draining your precious data and should save some battery life to boot.

You will also be able to use the Files Go app to help manage your storage. Files Go is already available to download from the Google Play Store. Files Go has a built-in peer-to-peer function. You and a friend who also has the app can share content with each other without it impacting the data included in your cell phone plan.

Why Should You Care About Android Go?

If you always have the latest and greatest, you probably won’t and shouldn’t care about Android Go. It is meant to be used on phones that come with 1GB or less RAM. This would be great for older people who don’t really care to have the best device on the market, broke college students, or even parents that don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a phone for their kids.

The Alcatel 1x will be the first Android Go phone available in the US. It is available for pre-order at time of writing, and will be available to purchase on June 4, 2018.

Will you be picking up an Android Go phone? If you do, will it be for yourself or for someone else? Let us know in the comments!

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