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Homophobia and Bullying: Why Millie Bobby Brown Quit Twitter

written by Iris June 17, 2018
Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven

It’s really not the first time this has happened, and apparently, it won’t be the last. A few weeks ago, Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran deleted her Instagram account after receiving countless bullying comments on her posts. This past week, Millie Bobby Brown, the 14-year-old actress in Stranger Things deactivated her Twitter account, after continuous harassment.

Most of the harassment came from various memes created with her photos. These memes portrayed Millie as a homophobic and violent person. Most of those memes used the hashtag #takedownmillybobbybrown, which had already been created in November, but escalated rather spectacularly this June, as it was pride month.

Millie is very well known for supporting the LGBTQ community as well as standing against bullying. She had also made a rather emotional speech a few months ago when she was awarded a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award, where she spoke about the Parkland High School shooting.

I’m priviledged to have a voice that can be heard, one that I can use to hopefully make a positive difference, and help influence change. […] For the angels among us, your spirit lives on. This is for you.

Millie bobby brown - March for our Lives

You can watch her speech here:

Some say that the meme began as an inside joke from the gay community.

Of course, there were many people who rushed to Millie’s aid.

Another Twitter user said:

Millie has another account on Twitter, created for anti-bullying reasons. She’s still keeping that account active, even though it hasn’t been used since December. But, many think that she’ll begin using it again soon.

What do you think about the homophobic memes that made Millie Bobby Brown deactivate her account? Let us know in the comments!

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