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DHTG Stands With Kelly Marie Tran After ‘Star Wars’ Actress Bullied

written by Laura Mechem June 10, 2018
Kelly Marie Tran at the premiere of The Last Jedi.

Kelly Marie Tran Received Abuse on Instagram

Just when you thought the minority of trashy Star Wars fans couldn’t behave more poorly, The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran has been forced from her Instagram account. This followed months of hateful and racist comments in reaction to her performance as Rose Tico in Star Wars: Episode VIII. Tran deleted all her Instagram posts after a small minority of the toxic fanbase took to the site to insult her and her onscreen character, Rose. Before a certain point, it is possible to fight back against online trolls by using apps like storiesig to expose their abusive posts and try to take them down, but when you’re being inundated with hate, it is sometimes better for your mental health to simply remove yourself from the arena. They can’t have the impact they want if they can’t reach you.

This Kind of Cyber-Bullying Can Never Be Tolerated

Whether you are a fan of The Last Jedi or not, whether you liked Rose’s character or not, whether you rated Kelly Marie Tran’s performance or not, nothing gives people the right to bully others, cowardly hiding behind their screens and attacking an actress. Yes, AN ACTRESS, someone playing a part on the screen. This is a young lady who is a Star Wars fan herself and embraced the chance to be part of the galaxy far, far away one day.

When did people stop understanding the lines between fiction and reality, a person and a character?

Kelly Marie Tran in an interview for The Last Jedi

‘The Last Jedi’ Fractured an Already Fragile Fanbase

For a few of the fans who grew up with Star Wars, it has become of a possession, something that belongs to them and them only. Lucasfilm producing films that they would all love has become an entitlement. How impossibly ridiculous is that? Isn’t this just history repeating itself again? These fans reacted in much the same way to the prequel trilogy, and remember how Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen’s performances of Anakin Skywalker garnered much the same criticism? These fans set a bar so high that no film could ever meet these expectations. It damages the experience for both loyal and new fans everywhere.

A Move to #Forceouthate

It has been so refreshing to see the wonderful, accepting majority of the Star Wars fanbase biting back at the haters this week. In a timely coincidence, Twitter has been awash with the hashtag #forceouthate. This hashtag encourages the fans to talk about everything they love in the Star Wars universe. Also trending are the hashtags #teamtran and #teamrose. Droves of fans are taking to social media to remind Kelly that the minority of vile bullies do not reflect the majority of fans – fans who support her and love the franchise, flaws and all.

Isn’t Mark Hamill Just the Best?

So Kelly, we here at DHTG are sending our support your way. We stand with you and say that bullying must never be tolerated. We hope you don’t stay away too long.

What are your views? Share your thoughts or words of support for Kelly in the comments!

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