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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Lands on Netflix!

written by Jason Marcano July 24, 2016

“In the not-too-distant future, somewhere in time and space…” These are the opening lyrics to Mystery Science Theater 3000’s (MST3K) theme song. It is also what we were told when we asked about when and where we can expect the new episodes of the cult favorite show. Now we know where in space the series will relaunch. Time is the only missing part of the equation.

Through a series of tweets, if you weren’t lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic-Con, series creator Joel Hodgson showed off concept art and confirmed that some of show’s old cast will be making cameo appearances.

Mary Jo Phel will guest star as Dr. Pearl Forrester, Kevin Murphy will play Professor Bobo, and Bill Corbet will reprise his roll of Brain guy.

MysteryScienceTheater Mads

As was announced during the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion show, an all new cast will be boarding the Satellite of Love to riff on, as yet unannounced, classic films. Jonah Rayknown for writing and producing shows like The Rotten Tomato Show or Web Soup and co-hosting the “Nerdist” podcast, will be wearing the jump suit. His proven comedic chops should help him slide right into the role for new comers and die-hard MSTies alike.

As for the bots, Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn will be playing Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo. The two bots serve as the ever present companions and fellow riffers of Jonah.

Actress Felicia Day, known for her role on SyFy’s “Eureka” and as the voice of Tallis in “Dragon Age II,” will play Kinga Forrester. Kinga will be the new “mad,” who will be running “experiments” on Jonah by sending him the worst movies she can find and forcing him to watch them. She will be accompanied by the Son of TV’s Frank played by Patton Oswalt.
MysteryScienceTheater cast

No concrete release date or list of movies to be riffed has been announced, but you should really just relax. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming. Soon. It will be bold and hilarious.

Any of you geeks out there fellow MSTies (fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000)? Let’s get a MSTie roll call in the comments, and stick with DHTG for more news out of SDCC.

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