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New Star Trek ‘Beyond’ Photos

written by Jordan Cobb May 1, 2016

New photos from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond have been beamed to us. This is the first big thing we’ve seen of the film in any way since the first trailer was released with mixed reception, even from star and co-writer Simon Pegg, in December. You think with this being the 50th anniversary of Star Trek they might wanna put it out there as often as possible, but things won’t quiet soon.

The film is still slated for a July release date and Paramount will start making a big push with a huge fan event in celebration of Star Trek itself on their studio lot later this month where the new trailer will be premiered.

Now as for the photos below, not much is added to the plot from getting a look at these, but at least we’re seeing something from the film right now. We of course see our faithful crew of the Enterprise and newest addition Sofia Boutella. Director Justin Lin even gets in on a couple of shots with some behind the scenes pics.

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Zoë Saldana plays Uhura in Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot, Sneaky Shark and Perfect Storm Entertainment






Even with just these small amount of pics, I’m just happy to see some new Star Trek out there in the world … well at least until the upcoming TV show.

Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters on July 22.

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